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  1. Oh no, the LA Times won't get the exclusive scoop on X2's glorious paint job. If the Times were to ever be banned from Six Flag's mighty PR machine imagine all those reporters and editors out of work... They posted some concept art/models. So what? It's not the LA Times' fault that this makeover looks completely underwhelming. Neither this or the Thomas the Tank Town Land Whatever is lighting a fire under my butt to renew my season pass, that's for sure. Hell, I was more excited when they painted Ninja last year.
  2. Do they have a competent translator over there? It's not as bad as Engrish or something, but at least throw some punctuation in there. "Main time"?
  3. So how long before it takes for the first jackass to etch some graffiti in the interior? Takin' all bets! I have a feeling that after the first Summer I'm going to wonder why we deserve refurbished monorails at all. I might as well renew my AP and enjoy them while they still look good.
  4. From MousePlanet: http://albums.mouseplanet.com/AdrienneVincentPhoenix/NewMonorail1_122007_AVP_Sized.jpg http://albums.mouseplanet.com/AdrienneVincentPhoenix/NewMonorail3_122007_AVP_Sized.jpg Cropped shots: http://albums.mouseplanet.com/AdrienneVincentPhoenix/NewMonorailCloseCrop1_122007_AVP.jpg http://albums.mouseplanet.com/AdrienneVincentPhoenix/NewMonorailCloseCrop4_122007_AVP.jpg Just in time. The current monorails are falling apart. There has been some debate as to just how new this monorail is. Based on what I have read, I would consider it a massive refurbishment, but I would take these Internet musings with a grain of salt. Whatever the case may be, we may finally be able to ride in some monorails without plastic peeling off the interior walls.
  5. Space Mountain wasn't closed for two days when they did Rockin' Space Mountain the first time and it wasn't closed for two days when they undid it. The makeover is designed to be turned on at the flick of a switch. Everything that encompasses the Rockin' version is installed on the ride right now and was installed when they rebuilt the track in the first place. It's probably just a quick refurbishment.
  6. Ton of concept art here: http://www.micechat.com/forums/showpost.php?p=2250062&postcount=151 Apparently somebody took these off of CastTV and sent them anonymously. Personally I am really excited to see the red cars and the entrance plaza. I wasn't even alive back then I am still bitter about the whole conspiracy that killed rail in Los Angeles. To not see the red cars represented in a theme park about California is insane. I agree about the 3D movie. There is a law that every theme park has to have one 3D movie. DCA has two. Enough! Keep A Bug's Land and replace Muppet 3D with some other type of ride. The lagoon show is being designed by the same guy who was in charge of Remember... Dreams Come True. If it's half as good as Remember then it'll be a winner.
  7. Keep in mind that Paradise Pier isn't changing theme. It'll still be a boardwalk, albeit set much further in the past. I can see the Sunwheel and the Zephyr staying. When Toy Story Mania opens it'll be a good preview of what the rest of the area might look like in a few years.
  8. Huh? That doesn't have anything to do with cost. Yes, I was thinking out loud to decide if I would ever want to take one of these trips, and that was one of the issues I had in mind. So what? I'm not sure who is reading who's posts.
  9. I never said that the trips could be done cheaper. What I did do however is mull over whether or not there is a substantial discount in doing it Robb's way or doing it yourself.
  10. I was interested in going, that's why I posted here. Now that I have thought it through, I am not interested. Is that such a bad thing?
  11. It's the same thing all over the Internet. You question the almighty Internet celebrity, even gently, and their reaction is always, "Well don't do it then." It just smacks of insecurity. I doubt it. It would be a lot of work but I'm sure anyone with a bit of sense and patience can pull it off. You are paying for convienence, sure, but I can't imagine how their itineraries are beyond the scope of the "common man". Hell, for some people, half the fun in a vacation is planning it yourself! I'm looking at the price for the Japan trip, about $3,800 to $4,000. You still have to pay for airfare to Narita on top of that right? It'll come out to about 5 grand in the end, including whatever food isn't included since it's at least one meal a day. We went to Japan for a week to see Tokyo Disneyland and the Greater Tokyo area for about $2,500 when all was said and done. Seems like for another grand we could've stayed another week in moderately priced hotels. Then we could've gotten a Japan Rail Pass and seen all these other places. Sounds like you're pretty much paying for what it would cost to plan on your own. I think these trips would be great for the young teenager who is intimidated by travel and might get themselves lost on their own. And their parents get to send them away for two weeks. It's win/win. It's also great for people who can't find anyone else to plan a vacation with. I would probably be into these trips if I were younger, but half the fun is the accomplishment of doing it all yourself.
  12. Thank you for the attitude. I never insulted your trips and even said they are awesome. All I was doing was explaining what I thought to be the pros and cons. Perhaps others might think about these things before blindly booking one of your trips in their roller coaster ferver.
  13. This is a great TR. Six Flags Magic Mountain is really turning things around. Hopefully it bleeds into next season and beyond.
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