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Head Choppers

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SDC Galaxi Coasters. It took me until this year to finally raise my hands on the second drop on the one at Sylvan Beach (the only Galaxi I have ever been on, which I think I rode a little under 20 times.) BTW, Galaxis, or at least Sylvan Beach's Galaxi is pretty fun. It has surprisingly good airtime on the two drops, the helices are forceful, and if they removed one of the brakes at the end, it would have INSANE airtime over the bunny hop. If they removed all the brakes at the end, the wheel assemblies would probably snap in half and the train would go flying into the covered picnic area about 20 feet away.

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I have quite a few that i feel like either my head, arms or legs could be chopped off on.


In no particular order:


Vampire (Chessington): After the second drop, as you circulate over the mainstreet, you fly over/past some trees. I've actually been thwacked by some of the smaller branches... I had about 5 leaves in my shoe when I got into the station



Nemesis (Alton Towers): The loop always makes me feel like im gonna either chop my legs off on the bridge or smash into the lake below. Always a good hit!



Oblivion (Alton Towers): I think the whole looking down into a hole the size of a 2p piece is pretty freaky... I always feel I'll crash into the ground.



Corkscrew (Alton Towers): The 'lap of honour' after the double corkscrew, when you go under the lift hill, I always feel like my arms will hit the supports if I put them up.



Colossus (Thorpe Park): The bunny hill after the loop when you dive under the souvinir shop always gets me!


and finally:


The Flying Fish (Thorpe Park): I have had to withdraw my arms after we have posed for the on-ride photo for fear of taking out a few supports... This is probably the scariest experience I've ever had on a rollercoaster and it happened at about 18 freakin' miles an hour...

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if someone has not ridden that ride before, they WILL duck going into the covered brake run


I agree....there is no way you will keep your hands up when coming into the station of THE GREAT AMERICAN SCREAM MACHINE at Six Flags over Georgia.....even though you KNOW that it is physically impossible for your hands to hit the roof....your reflexes will not let you keep your hands up....


which is a good thing, since you better be bracing yourself when the train stops RIGHT NOW!.


I still can't believe that they installed the big swing in front of GASM...ruined one of the prettiest views of a coaster anywhere.

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Lisebergbanan has some great, but not world class choppers now they have added Upswinget (or however you spell it) to the hill that the three helix curves are based round - really awesome at night with the lights throughout the park turned of!


Blackpool's Wild Mouse has the craziest though, what an awesome ride, small pieces have fallen of the frame whilst I've been on it before, +100 OMG factor to those mad choppers.

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