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  1. Great trip report! Those were some great Fahrenheit shots you got. Definitely getting me excited for my trip in August.
  2. Do they get a Golden Ticket for this? Sexiest Flat Ride? I really feel sorry for him/her. Yet, I laugh.
  3. Whats up fellas. Lady fellas. So me and the Coastin' East gang headed out to Six Flags Great Adventure Friday April 10th for our 1 year celebration as well as Matt's birthday. The park was DEAD. I have never seen a park so dead ever in my life. There must have been no more than 200 people at the park. That's a bit of foreshadowing there my friends. It was supposed to rain like cats and geese all day Friday. It really was just a nasty day with haze, fog, and black clouds looking down all pissed off at us all day. Threats of heavy rain from 11 AM until 10 PM pretty much for the Jackson area. We just decided lets go ride it out anyway and hope for the best. Boy, did it turn out to be a great move. To our surprise everything ran all day with no down time that we saw. So I left my house at 9:30 AM to meet Matt and a few fans and friends at the gate. We had to wait for Matt's friend to get his season pass processed, the rest of the group headed over to Superman: Ultimate Flight. We had to wait one train. As we are about to board the annoying as hell Superman theme cuts off. "We are experiencing technical difficulties". Oh, here come Matt through the queu. Let me tell him not to bother, the ride's down. Guys, hold our spot. They move. Three groups hop in front of us. Thanks guys! So we say screw this and head over to the greatest wooden coaster in the country and Coastin' East's favorite roller coaster, Rolling Thunder. No, I'm kidding. El Toro. Walk on. Airtime was amazing, the drop is pure heaven. The ride is just flat out out of control awesome. We hit it up two more times, in the back row and OMFG the air is just insane. Next up, Superman. Eh ride to me unless you sit in the front row. Then was my most anticipated coaster, the Dark Knight. Now, I came into this kind of excited yet no expectations because I've heard so many awful things about it. people want it to blow up, some say they'd rather have a scrambler in it's place. I thought the preshow was very cool, very well done as well as the qeue and station. The ride itself was just ok. Nothing special, yet not as awful as people say. Next up, Batman: The Ride. Last time, during my only visit, I didn't get to see the real line (FLASH PASS). Nice to see some random sewer with a random fan leading to a random steel staircase. I do like the station. Very cool. Ride is insanely intense. Not for Ryan. He instead hit up Bench: The Ride. Not a top ten coaster, but wow it's intense. Also, Batman ride op you are a huge douche. He apparently forgot I have manly organs and intestines and felt the need to slam the restraint all the way down. He did it to everyone on the train. He pushed and oushed until he was satisfied and our insides were bleeding. After that, it was time for the big boy: Nitro. This was the overwhelming favorite ride of the day for the group. We rode it I think 5 times over the course of the day (all 5 minute waits) and it was a blast. The ride, despite it's height and speed, is not intense, just fun. I actually find it relaxing with all the awesome floater air. Ask Ryan. Oh, wait, never mind. He rode the bench again. This time Matt and I made sure to strap him into the bench with his OTSR. Matter of fact, during our fourth ride of the day, our group decided to chant Ryan's name (he was standing by the little dip out of the station) and the rest of the train joined in. Robb, excuse me for a second as I "borrow" one of your favorite TPR trip report joke captions. If you want to know how that made Ryan feel, EMAIL HIM! (RYAN@COASTINEASTPODCAST.COM). He loves e-mails about how chanting makes him feel, so don't hesitate! So, we went back and hit up Scream Machine (Ouch, oh my god), Runaway Mine Train (Matt and myself almost couldn't get out; this was also a very thrilling experience for Ryan), Rolling "Hurt every inch of my body-during your rickety course- ow my ears are bleeding for some reason" Thunder, and checked out Bizarro. You could see work on the helix being done as well as by the loop, the dive loop, and the entrance from El Toro and Runaway. Skull Mountian was awesome! There was themeing! First, you experience the awesome Pirates of the Carribean soundtrack in the station. Then, down the first drop, behold! A skull on a stick! Then there are some cool(?) purple flood lights as well as music you can only hear in one small section of the ride before you hit the climax. The final helix is around the greatest animatronic in history: a pumpkin on a stick! Yes! Who cares if it never moved? It was a pumpkin. On a tripod! Then there were strobes flashing on the BRAKE RUN! Awesome! We just had to ride again (a train to oursleves) to chant "PUMPKIN *CLAP CLAP* the whole ride! We rode TDK one more time and chanted "Darko Noche" at the top of our lungs from lift to brake run". Now, since I am a loser with no life and such a nerd I can remember it, final ride count: El Toro 5x Nitro 5x Batman The Ride 2x Skull Mountain 2x The Dark Knight 2x Superman 3x GASM 1x Runaway 1x RT 1x Pictures! Before you view them, please excuse the quality. Yes, it really was that nasty out Friday, as the pictures show. Also, many were from outside the park as we were afraid we were going to get caught in rain, so we left it in the car after lunch. I love you. Jigsaw's new torture device for Saw VII: "I want to play a game. Ride this motherfool! And sitting in the front seat won't help, it hurts there too! I'm too much of a little girl to even ride this more than once. I can't take a punch. Damn nasty weather ruined this great shot. Katie: Hi El Toro. I love you. Matt: Wow, I am looking sizzling hot today in this here invisible mirror. Is that a bird on my face? No, that's just it's reflection on the mirror. Okay, then. *Cough* Diego Luna *Cough* Look at that Intamin pre fab track. Hmmmmm.....Ryan, doesn't it get your south pole all warmer? Ryan: Yeah..wait! Where is my south pole? Hello? Penis? You there? Dammit. Awesome turn, Playa! I'm Superman. I'm cool in the front, I don't like it in the back. Rough and pointless. Really, bad weather, dude, stop messing up really cool shots. Floater Air! Ask RYAN about Nitro's Benches! He loves emails about benches! Don't hesitate! Ryan@CoastinEastPodcast.com That's us in the front. I think. Kingda Ka looks lonely. let's give him love. Hey Big Mike!! Side boob! I mean loop! In case you haven't been here this year, GASM's mid course break run now makes this sound: "*Scrreeeeccchh* Hi Jahan! *Screeech*" My drop is like sugar. The lift gives you a beautiful view of the lake. Be sure to ask RYAN about his view from the bench! Oh, he also held Matt's phone while he rode, so ask him about all the texts he gets from crazy pirate hookers. Goiiiinnggggg dooooowwwwnnn! *Insert Soarin' Music!* Dunnnaaaaa dunna dunnnaaaa doo dddooo ddooo! No caption. You. Are. Soooooo Beautiful to meeeeee. Thanks for reading, thanks to all who came to hang out with us! Post here if you emailed Ryan! Matt: "Great way to sum up or trip, Pat. Uh, I mean Coast. What, Ryan? Not riding? Okay, then sit here for a few minutes *Straps him in*. Oh, yeah, hold my phone full of pirate hooker texts. Thanks
  4. The photos at the bottom are put in order of the numbers of the photos. The order is: 6314823111. Call this number, 1-631-482-3111 and the man in the facial recognition will answer.
  5. If you visit www.lexcorpinternational.com/security, you will be taken to a security monitor. Tag the photos that have numbers on them. Those numbers are 63, 31, 11, 14, and 82. The only hard one is 11, that one is on the clock. Once that has happened, you will be taken to a facial recognition page. Put the photos at the bottom in order of the numbers of the photos. The order is: 6314823111. Call this number, 1-631-482-3111 and the man in the facial recognition reveals an on-board audio system will be installed on Medusa and Superman Ride of Steel. Also, on page four of the Daily Planet web site, it says the "Metropolis Monarchs" baseball team lost miserably to the "Gotham City Goliaths" last season and plan to train extra hard to make sure they win this season. This is a possible connection that reveals the name. Gotham City Goliaths my guess is The Dark knight and Goliath roller coasters that went up in past seasons in the Gotham City sections of parks. Metropolis Monarchs could possiby mean the Medusa and S:ROS re-themes. Also, in one of "Jimmy's" videos at Jimmystruth2power.com, there is a message in the background that says "Go Monarchs". This could mean that the rides could be named Monarch and themed to some sort of Monarch-Luthor battle. Here's the character "Monarch": Can't wait for more, it's been fun playing along!
  6. Yup, I was standing near Flying Falcon and I saw the train coming and took the shot. Thanks for the replies!
  7. Man, I'm late. I finally decided to get my pictures done. Well, here we go. Well, anyway I went to my home park, Hersheypark on August 24-25th. Stayed in a Hampton suite in Grantville. It had two freakin' plasma screen t.v.'s. In a freakin' hotel room. Well, anyway. Back to stuff that matters. Originally, we were going to have a podcast from Hershey, but beacuse I'm a dumbass we don't. Well, here's a brief trip overview before the hot coaster porn pictures. Got at the gate for my preview Sunday, August 24, ran right to Great Bear. After 7 years of watching the train rush by, it was finally my turn. Amazing coaster. It was intense and fun, just like every B&M. The zero-g was my favorite and the drop actually got me a little. Next up was Stormrunner. Incredible. The launch was outstanding. Tough to describe how it feels. It's like butterflies and airtime but you're pressed against the seat at the same time. Air at the top hat and on the snake dive. A little rough on the first inversion and ending banks, though. It's a number 4 coaster. Next, Sidewinder. Why does this get such a bad rep? I thought it was good. Not a top ten coaster. It was sort of rough, not as bad as people say. I liked it. It was fun going backwards. Next was Lightning Racer. Need I say more? hauled ass as usual and great air. Still my number three coaster. Sex on wood. Has anybody ever said that before? Next day, Fahrenheit. So we walk down the midway and we stop at the Claw. "What? The line can't be this long! ****, I'm not going to ride it!?" Then I look up at the station, tons of engineers and staff in the station as an aempty train sits in the station with an empty que. "Oh, that just makes it worse". Within fifteen minutes, the ride was up and running. We waited 20 minutes, got second row. INCREDIBLE. The lift was the most unique experience and the drop is just....w-o-w. Air on the Norweigian loop, air on the overbank, that airtime hill is just insane. Sex on wheels. All in all, it's my number two coaster. Go ride it. Wildcat hauled ass as usual. Great ride. I didn't ride anything at the Boardwalk. No water rides for me. Instead, I rode Lighting Racer about 15-16 times that morning. Pictures! Fahrenheit. I know you knew. My favorite shot. There's a ride named "Whizzer" at Six Flags Great America that is better than Fahrenheit. I know this because I read it in Amusement Today. Really? Whizzer over this? COME ON! Me being artsy. And too lazy to wait for a boat. Hello! I didn't forget about you. You're still awesome. Artsy. It's pure skill getting that shot. All in the wrist. That's the best inversion I've ever experienced. Lightning Racer behind a tree and station anyone? I leave you with a backwards shot of the Boardwalk play structure. Backwards? Yes, I am that bad that I didn't notice it was backwards until after I saw the picture on my computer. Shoot meh. NOTED! Thanks for reading guys!
  8. Thank you for sharing! Goliath looks like it gives good airtime.Was it trimmed at all?
  9. Very nice TR! Thanks for sharing. For whoever asked: Looks like he took that shot by placing his feet on the kiss-shaped windows on the Kissing Tower and then took the picture.
  10. Hello coaster and theme park lovers.The gang and I over at the Coastin East Amusement Park Podcast(http://www.coastineast.com) has teamed up with Animated Midway Productions to produce the Virtual Walt Disney World Trip.What is that you ask? It's an 8-part video commentary series of what it would be like if you joined the cast on a trip to the World.This promo announcement video explains it all better.Promo Video Link: Now,we have NOT started recording yet.Why? Well,a project this big needs alot of help.That's where you guys can come in.I know you guys here at TPR like stuff like this and will be willing to help.We have some members of YouTube willing to give us the rights to their videos for this project,but we need ALOT more than we have.We're not just limiting this to videos.If you have any suggestions,audio,pictures you can give to us to use,we REALLY appreciate it.If you can even volunteer to come on for a ride or two and be a guest,that's awesome! We're also unsure on how to go about this,since something like this really hasn't been done before.Should we be serious? Should we make it all comedy? We'd like some feedback on what you'd like to watch.Also,if you have any suggestions or tips(what rides you'd like to see,what shows,etc.) let us know. You can help by leaving any suggestions here in this forum,our own forums at CoastinEast.com,or email us at CoastinEastPodcast@Hotmail.com You will get complete credit for whatever you do for us in a special thank you/credit video.We hope you guys can give us help in this massive(and I believe a first of it's kind) project,we REALLY appreciate it! Thanks guys.
  11. Not sure how to put up a download.If someone can possibly let me know how? Gosh,I feel like such a newbie.I just got No Limits two weeks ago,so I'm still learning.Thanks for the reply.
  12. This is a B&M Hyper,RuSh made with No Limits. The ride stands at just over 200 ft. and reaches speeds of 70 MPH. This is my first published No Limits coaster,so if anybody has tips or constructive criticism,please feel free to post.I want to get better. As you can tell,I had some Nitro inspiration.The element at the end is sort of unique and I call it "The Boomerang Turn". Thank you,and enjoy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wGAKhxDjHpI
  13. ^Lines Do sometimes get that long.Rollersoaker,Comet,and all Boardwalk attractions tend to see lines get up to 45+ to an hour during the middle of a busy summer day.On average,lines go to 30 for Comet and 'Soaker.
  14. I cannot wait to ride this over the summer. The only downside is I may have to wait a while(possibly an hour).I can't wait to see how they handle the huge crowds.Will they load/unload quickly or will lines grow up to and possibly over an hour?
  15. Always enjoy reading the Trip Reprts,Lou! Wow,Amusement Parks across the world really are um...different than here in the U.S.
  16. Tower of Terror at DHS in Florida.When they open those doors before the drop and when you plunge into the darkness make this the best one for me.
  17. I like the idea of being able to pick your own soundtrack for the ride.I think it will change the experience for me.I was just disappointed it might not be a B&M Mega like the Hollywood Dream coaster in Japan. Has anyone ever ridden a Mauer-Shone? Do they make smooth rides? Is that car comfortable?
  18. You...have got....to be kidding me. I personally think it's a Mr.Six replacement.I think they'll have their stupid little annoying cheer/chant-jingle that we'll see at Burger King,Subway,on TV,and hear it on the radio just like Mr.Six and his stupid song.Just how low will SF go? I'm afraid to wonder. But,hey,I don't mind seeing these girls in skimpy outfits dancing around while I ride some coasters!
  19. Hey,nice Trip report.Led Zepplin looks absolutely amazing.It may just be the most beautiful B&M in the world.That white paint just has a pretty glow.
  20. I personally don't think it's overpriced.Think about it,it's open rain or shine ALL YEAR.You also have unlimited access to attractions rather than paying per ride everytime.You should have seen this coming since they have added two new coasters from major companies. If I lived in Minnesota,I would have one without a doubt.
  21. Webcam is up and running.Drop is up.www.hersheypark.com/fahrenheit/index.php I can't wait to ride this sucker. That drop looks insane! Looks alot bigger than I expected too. Also,is that view from Tidal Force or Wildcat? I also imagined the drop to be going the other way.
  22. For the new SFMM coaster,I gave more thought on what I would like to see.I would love to see a Highly Themed Vekoma family or junior coaster like Trailblazer at Hersheypark(coastergallery.com/2000/hp37a.html ) or Super Grover's Vapor Trail at Sesame Place (rcdb.com/ig487.htm?picture=1) I've been on both and they're fairly intense coasters the whole family can ride.It's not tall or feature massive elements,but it's a fun ride and the helixes pack a punch.Well,that's my two cents
  23. Ouch.That's not good.Those hurt.Hope it doen't affect the ride.
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