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Movies, Movies, Movies.....


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Also, can we take a moment to acknowledge the Cars 3 trailer? WHAT. THE. F**K. WAS. THAT.


I spit out my drink when I read this. Why on earth does that franchise get two sequels before the Incredibles even get one sequel? Especially when the first sequel is the single black mark on Pixar.


I'm sorry, I love Pixar films and will happily acknowledge Cars 2 is the worst movie by far but I feel like there's been a few duds lately. I think after Toy Story 3, the only one I loved since then was Inside Out. Nearly all the others were meh at best I enjoyed Finding Dory but it definitely felt unnecessary and really didn't like Monsters University or Good Dinosaur (outside of beautiful effects if we ignore the dinosaurs). I didn't really like Brave as much as I thought I would either. I've never re-watched it whereas nearly all pre Cars 2 I've seen multiple times.

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Ohhhh myyyyy.


I do a usual annual check on how many movies and filmed events (live theatre usually) we do in a year.


Since "Moana" was our final film of the year - we never go to movie houses, once the kids are out of

school - and "STAR WARS: The Force Awakens" was our first film of 2016, here's the simple numbers:


IN 2015, we had seen a total of 33 movies/films/events. Yes, we do love to go to the movies. A lot.


This Year, it seems my seeing a good number of live theatre filmings, upped the number for the year. So....


2016 = 39!

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yesterday night I saw Rogue One A Star Wars Story and I believe I got a new favorite Star Wars movie.

I had no idea what to expect but this movie changed the way I look at the original movie. I laughed, I cried, I enjoyed the easter eggs to the original and the Rebels tv-serie. The characters really drove the story and I think K2SO is my new favorite droid, he really is the best of C3PO combined with the "free spirit" of R2-D2.

My advise is to go and enjoy the movie.


Just for the sake of rating this: 8 to a 9 out of 10

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^ We went to see Rogue One yesterday, and I really agree. This is the absolute best of any Star Wars movie after the original trilogy without a doubt--and maybe even better than the originals. I'll need to digest, but I think my ranking would go 5/Rogue One/6/4/7/3/all the rest are crap. The storytelling is amazing, and the ending is emotionally moving. I won't say any more, because I don't want to spoil anything. But if you've been on the fence about it, go see it. Whereas Force Awakens was very much dependent on nostalgia, Rogue One nods to the original but is very much its own story. Go see this; it's one of the best movies of the year. Seriously.

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I quite enjoyed Rogue One as well! It's not my favorite Star Wars movie, but I like it about as much as I do The Force Awakens, which would place it just behind Empire Strikes Back and the original. That last few minutes of the movie however... Possibly my favorite part of ANY Star Wars movie! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO awesome!!!

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I saw Moana again and liked it more than the first time. They did a really great job with it. Also, I've been listening to the music more and I like it more and more. Not nearly at the Frozen level, but it's still a great soundtrack.


Has anyone seen Passenger? I'm thinking of seeing that one, but not sure it's worth the money.

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We just saw SING.


Fun movie, with a lot of song bites (?) throughout it.


Loved the original song for Ash. And enjoyed a lot more,

beyond the repeating trailers.


I definitely want to get the DVD of it, when it's released.


8 out of 10 Popcorn Boxes.


(And hooray for light up squids!)


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I love the Deadpool poster. It's hilarious.


And I loved that movie. It was a lot of fun.


But some people are seriously talking like it deserves a Best Picture nomination.


But if it get a BP nom, Hollywood is officially dead. Close up shop. Just watch indie or French or German or Korean movies...

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Interesting, that while they now allow up to ten films to be Oscar nominated, only nine got the nom, today.

And "La La Land" got 14 nominations? Matching "Titanic's" noms? That's wild. About 5 more noms than "Chicago" got.




Also, I choose ZOOTOPIA over MOANA...and why no Finding Dory Oscar Nom Love?


Recent thought. I am now wondering what the 10th film was, available for an Oscar Nom? Could it be possible that

DEADPOOL actually hit the top ten in votes, but The Academy couldn't bring them self to allowing the nomination?

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I found a page about the "cost" of running the Academy Awards, everything from where it it's held,

to the envelopes, the statues, and swag bags of course! They went through the 2015 Awards as an example.


Total cost to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for the 2015 Oscars: US$42,651,300



And you complained about Cineplex prices.

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Whoever handed Beatty the other Best Actress envelope (it was explained, there were

two sets of envelopes in two cases, opposite sides of the stage), wasn't paying attention.


So, they'll just cut his hand off, I suppose.


Congrats to Moonlight for the actual Win, and all the other nominees and winners!

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...and the (yes!) Great News about the BEST PICTURE flub,

was that the "La La Land" group was so gracious, and got

off the stage as best/fast as they could, under the circumstances.


They were very classy in handling it. Kudos to them!

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^ Actually I enjoyed it, and the choreography was beautifully done,

and the Sting number, instead of the one that won, from "La La Land".


Either of those I'd of been happy with, winning.




(I'm still not a Huge Totally HAMILTON Fanboi, sorry.)

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