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I caught Star Trek Beyond and thought it was reasonably entertaining. The best parts were the more "character-oriented" bits (especially any scenes with McCoy or Scotty). But the movie seemed to be in too much of a rush to get to the big action sequences.

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Just saw Absolutely Fabulous, with Patsy and Edina picking themselves up practically where they left off, a while ago.

All of the original supporting cast is along for the jaunt, includng a surprising older Saphy (of course she grew older - we all

did, Babes). With a daughter... and divorced from her husband! And she sings, too!


If you don't know about, or haven't ever seen AbFab, a lot may go over the proverbial head. I enjoyed it, and considered it

one long extended episode of their past TV series. Which was great, with a lot of celeb cameos, mostly British, and a LOT

of actual models in it, too. Including poor Kate Moss. (Go see it, or wait for it on tv, or rent it. She was game for anything!)


Not that there's anything wrong with this, Darling! I was laughing at a lot of "the stuff" that they go through... instant botox

injections in the bathroom, licking off empty bottles of "Champignons" - French for wine, they said. Unfortunately,

the rest of the audience was a fair bit older than myself, and unless the laughs were planted right in their laps, not much was

heard behind me, except my own outbursts at the inanity of it all.


Whatever. I enjoyed it. A good kind of dirty (thanks Patsy!) popcorn movie, for the afternoon.


7.5 Popcorn Boxes

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Just saw the premiere of "Jason Bourne, and I quite enjoyed it! Is it as good as the first three with Matt Damon? No, but then again, that trilogy is among my all time favorite movies! It came very close to them, however, and I'm looking forward to seeing where they go from here. I know there is another Aaron Cross "Bourne" movie coming up next, but I really hope the next film after that sees the two characters join forces!

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With the recent announcement from Disneyland, I decided to watch Guardians of the Galaxy. I thought it was a very enjoyable movie, really liked it. Good mix of action, humor and overall likeable characters.

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Did anyone else catch The Killing Joke?


Having only a very cursory knowledge of the source material, I thought the movie was okay, but the story telling wasn't great. The first 30 minutes of the movie exists only to establish Bruce Wayne and Barbara Gordon's complicated relationship/feelings for each other... which could have been effectively established in about 10 minutes. Seriously, it takes over half an hour for the actual story of The Killing Joke to start. The overall pacing was very odd. Some relatively minor scenes (from a plot moving perspective) went on for longer than they needed to, and some really major moments happened way too quickly for my taste. The actual moment of Joker's psychotic breakdown, that the whole thing has really been building up to, happens in the blink of an eye and has basically no weight to it. He just appears and is crazy and that's it. The ending is really anti climactic, but (I think) for a purpose.


It seems, in their reverence for the comic, the film makers forgot that they had the opportunity to fill in the gaps between the panels and make a real MOVIE.


Kevin Conroy is still great, and I think this is Mark Hamill's best Joker voice work, but Mask of the Phantasm was a WAY better movie overall.

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I saw Independence Day: Something something.






Yes, it was that memorable. Whole deal is to wipe out, eventually, a Queen Alien,

and she's several stories tall. Oooooooo. Actually quite a slow gawky thing

she was. Could have done a Star Wars thing and just wrapped wire round

her legs, and bring her down. Whatever.


Anyway, SOILED ALERT... she gets it in the end (literally), and all is well again.

Couple of past key characters lost in this one. They're running out of main characters, now.


Guess there won't be a #3 hmm? 5 Popcorn Boxes, just for trying.

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^I thought the movie was entertaining but no where near as good as the first one. From what I hear, Will Smith should have been in this movie and not Suicide Squad. That one looks like it is going to bomb according to critics.

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Came back from Suicide Squad.

Yes gave DC a third strike and they hit, first base but he better then an other out. I came in hoping for just three things:

1. Make me laugh, and I laughed some characters better then others.

2. Great action, It was sometimes chaotic but still solid 2 out of 2 so far.

3. one simple plot, every important one, after the 6 movies we'll never get to see because they are somewhat in BvS lets just make this one movie, thank god they did it.

Warner Bros still has a long way to go, but they finally made a movie that wasn't afraid to be a comicbook movie. First half hour was slow for me and when the movie picked up we had a break. I guess after that the second act started wich is by far the best part, The third and final part of the movie started of okay but the final fight and the seconds after it felt like I had to roll with it.

Overall I enjoyed myself, Best DCEU movie if you ask me and I dare to say better then three MCU movies.

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Saw Star Trek Beyond and Suicide Squad. Star Trek was pretty good, if not a little forgettable. I really think they spent too much time stuck on that planet. Also, the pacing was way too fast. It seemed kind of rushed. Suicide Squad was actually pretty good. There were some bad parts, but most of it was fun and enjoyable. Margot Robbie, Will Smith, Viola Davis, and Jai Courtney were great.

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Ice Age: Collision Course


Was good. Some spectacular animation and background effects.


A bunch was really poured into the jokes, all the relationships, the

eventual crisis, and the eventual outcome.




There will be a probable 'nother movie. The franchise lives on.


6/10 popcorn boxes










Oh yeah, and SKRATT SPOILS (almost) EVERYTHING!

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I just saw, this afternoon...


Swiss Army Man


Wow! I loved it! Paul Dano and Daniel Radcliffe were amazing in their parts.

And it was a very funny and warm film, with the most amazing plot line ever.

The whole audience got it, and stayed with it, and got rewarded with a very

thought provoking film.


Let's just say, without giving it away, it/life all comes down... to flatulence.


Brilliant movie. Easily one of my Top 5 films this year.


9.5/10 Popcorn boxes!


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^I really want to see that, but it's not playing anywhere near me.

That's too bad. What I really enjoyed about this particular movie, is that I was in an audience, half full in the house.

Which is a very rare thing for me or my partner, as we tend to see first day showings (generally noon - 2), and end up

with usually less than 10 people in the auditorium. And with a comedy showing, it's kind of lame when you laugh, and

you don't hear anybody else laugh as well. Seems like it's the same way at home, only more comfy and a smaller screen, lol.


With Swiss Army Man, we all had a great time, and I'd say the majority of us really didn't know what was coming

next, except what we knew from the trailer, which actually shows A LOT LESS than you'd think. Which was awesome!


So yes, rent it or get it on tv if and when you can, but honestly, if you can find an actual theater it's still playing in, go to it!


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I wonder if other cities have this type of chain movie theatre (in this case it's Cineplex)

where you have to be an adult to even enter the theatre?




Fifth Avenue Cinemas (age restricted 19+)


2110 Burrard Street, Vancouver, BC.


Fifth Avenue Cinemas ~ 2 km away from my home.


Please note that admittance is restricted to 19 years of age and older (age of majority).

Valid Government photo ID may be requested at the theatre for admittance.


The movies playing there right now are: Star Trek Beyond; Suicide Squad; Cafe Society; Florence Foster Jenkins; and Jason Bourne.


I like this, and should take advantage of it more often. And all five of these movies I would really like to see, too.


Seeing this one tomorrow. With Streep and Grant, but also

with Simon Helberg from "Big Bang Theory" on the left there,

as the pianist. Him, I am looking forward to seeing separate

from BBT. And I heard he's great in this. (o:

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We saw Sausage Party today.


What an insane, totally freaked out, swear-a-thonic, sexed up cartoon!


I loved it! I went along with the conceit, and it was very, very funny.


I'm sure those who will see it on TV of some kind will enjoy it. But the

massiveness of everything in their little world... well, it was crazy enough

to sit back and let the general mayhem wash over you.


Like mayonnaise.


I'd give it 8.5 Popcorn Boxes out of 10.


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^ $27 to see it??? For me in Canada, that's about $33 or so!

Did you get some kind of VIP deal? Or something? Anything?


And I got turned off, by it's trailer. Even that made me a bit dizzy.

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If you're ever considering watching Hardcore Henry... Do yourself a HUGE favor and DON'T! I got paid over 27 dollars to watch it, and that still wasn't enough money to not make it a waste of my time, and senses!

That's actually extremely expensive for a movie... I saw it when I was in theaters and I freakin' LOVED it! Great movie, great plot, the first-person idea was really well made... EVERYTHING!

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If you're ever considering watching Hardcore Henry... Do yourself a HUGE favor and DON'T! I got paid over 27 dollars to watch it, and that still wasn't enough money to not make it a waste of my time, and senses!

That's actually extremely expensive for a movie... I saw it when I was in theaters and I freakin' LOVED it! Great movie, great plot, the first-person idea was really well made... EVERYTHING!


I didn't pay that much money to watch it, I essentially got paid that much money to watch it, since I have a job where I can watch movies while I'm working. Heck, I get paid to make most of the posts I do on TPR here as well! So, my point was that even getting paid that much to watch it, was still a waste of my time, and attention.


Regarding the movie, I'm totally of the mindset that films are subjective experiences, and to each their own. However, as a writer myself, and a bit of a snob when it comes to good plotting, I cringe at you referring to that threadbare tentpole to hang action sequences on as a "great plot"!

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I saw "The Magnificent Seven" the other night, and LOVED it! I'm not a big fan of Westerns typically, but this was fabulous! Probably my favorite Western I've seen! As for comparing it to the original, I think there's no comparisons... Unless you're looking at it through nostalgia-colored glasses, that somewhat dull, and incredibly dated movie doesn't hold a candle to the new one. Denzel and Chris Pratt were outstanding in their roles, as always, but the other five members of the "Seven" all did very well, and brought fascinating characters to life in the film. Definitely recommended!

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TPR was invited to a preview of Doctor Strange tonight, which Tomtom and I happily attended. Big thanks to Robb for the opportunity!




I had no idea who Doctor Strange was going into the movie, and I kinda liked it that way. If you really want a synopsis though:

Doctor Stephen Strange is a awesome-but-jerky neurosurgeon who loses the use of his hands in a car accident. When medicine can't help him out, he starts looking for some mystical healers. After finding them, they turn out to be more into being magical warriors than just people seeking enlightenment. He joins them, but will he fight alongside them, or just get his hands fixed and leave?


As usual for a Marvel film there was lots of fun snarky dialogue and a good story- however, what really blew me away was the visuals. The world becomes a twisting mess of shapes during the best fight sequences, and there's an awesome WTF sequence of abstract scenes as part of the introduction to the multiple universes that may also give me some nightmares tonight. The most important things I can stress from this preview are:

A) You should see this on a big screen.

B) You should see this in 3-D. This is coming from someone who doesn't like watching movies in 3-D (the last time I saw one was probably Toy Story 3), but with the movie's best scenes having lots of interesting Escher-like environments where depth perception really matters, this is the time to don the glasses and enjoy the visual playground.

We did not see it in IMAX, but I imagine it would be amazing.


Overall, I'd place it high on the list of Marvel films- it had a nice pace, interesting story, and as mentioned amazing visuals. Benedict Cumberbatch made a great hero as well- certainly distinct from Sherlock, though with a lot of the snark that fans love. No knowledge of anything else in the Marvelverse needed for this film either!


One other thing to mention, before the film we were told about Marvel Studios Hero Acts,the Studios new charity. To help kick it off, if you visit www.marvelstudiosheroacts.com/#/ and post a picture of you in your favorite superhero pose, they will donate $5 to Save the Children, a group that help supply educational materials to kids in the US and around the world.


So, go see Doctor Strange starting this Friday IN 3-D and get pictures to help save those children!

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