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I saw "The Magnificent Seven" the other night, and LOVED it! I'm not a big fan of Westerns typically, but this was fabulous! Probably my favorite Western I've seen! As for comparing it to the original, I think there's no comparisons... Unless you're looking at it through nostalgia-colored glasses, that somewhat dull, and incredibly dated movie doesn't hold a candle to the new one. Denzel and Chris Pratt were outstanding in their roles, as always, but the other five members of the "Seven" all did very well, and brought fascinating characters to life in the film. Definitely recommended!

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TPR was invited to a preview of Doctor Strange tonight, which Tomtom and I happily attended. Big thanks to Robb for the opportunity!




I had no idea who Doctor Strange was going into the movie, and I kinda liked it that way. If you really want a synopsis though:

Doctor Stephen Strange is a awesome-but-jerky neurosurgeon who loses the use of his hands in a car accident. When medicine can't help him out, he starts looking for some mystical healers. After finding them, they turn out to be more into being magical warriors than just people seeking enlightenment. He joins them, but will he fight alongside them, or just get his hands fixed and leave?


As usual for a Marvel film there was lots of fun snarky dialogue and a good story- however, what really blew me away was the visuals. The world becomes a twisting mess of shapes during the best fight sequences, and there's an awesome WTF sequence of abstract scenes as part of the introduction to the multiple universes that may also give me some nightmares tonight. The most important things I can stress from this preview are:

A) You should see this on a big screen.

B) You should see this in 3-D. This is coming from someone who doesn't like watching movies in 3-D (the last time I saw one was probably Toy Story 3), but with the movie's best scenes having lots of interesting Escher-like environments where depth perception really matters, this is the time to don the glasses and enjoy the visual playground.

We did not see it in IMAX, but I imagine it would be amazing.


Overall, I'd place it high on the list of Marvel films- it had a nice pace, interesting story, and as mentioned amazing visuals. Benedict Cumberbatch made a great hero as well- certainly distinct from Sherlock, though with a lot of the snark that fans love. No knowledge of anything else in the Marvelverse needed for this film either!


One other thing to mention, before the film we were told about Marvel Studios Hero Acts,the Studios new charity. To help kick it off, if you visit www.marvelstudiosheroacts.com/#/ and post a picture of you in your favorite superhero pose, they will donate $5 to Save the Children, a group that help supply educational materials to kids in the US and around the world.


So, go see Doctor Strange starting this Friday IN 3-D and get pictures to help save those children!

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Great review! We saw it yesterday in IMAX 3D, and the visuals are incredible. It stands alone, but also ties in nicely with the rest of the Marvel universe. I read a few of the Doctor Strange comics when I was a kid, so I enjoyed the Easter eggs and nods to the comics. It's a fun story, and I don't want to say too much about it, but anyone who's on the fence about this, go see it. You don't have to know anything about Marvel to enjoy it, and indeed it will make you rethink what you thought Marvel was all about.

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Seeing Dr. Strange tomorrow afternoon in ~3D IMAX~

I'm sure it will "perk me up", after the hour long drive *

to the closest theatre with such a system...





(*We tend to sleep in till noon, being retired and all.)

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^ We saw it. It was great. Loved all the subtle (most times) humor through it.

Looking forward to more movies with Cumberbatch in them.


NOTE: Stay through most of the credits. EXTRA SPECIAL SCENE later on. Also funny.


9/10 Popcorn Boxes


We also picked up a bag of this awesome popcorn! It's chocolate-drizzled caramel corn. Yummy!

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So anyone caught the trailer for the new Beauty and the Beast movie?

The movie looks great, but I must say that the music from 0:46 totally gave me the chills!! (in a good way) That wasn't unexpected though, as "Tale as old as time" is IMO one of the most beautiful movie songs ever made.


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If there is anyone here who actually likes good movies (I still haven't seen Dr. Strange, which looks good), see Arrival. But only if you are not 15 or think that Suicide Squad was good. Because it involves actual thinking. Which could be a drawback....

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If there is anyone here who actually likes good movies (I still haven't seen Dr. Strange, which looks good), see Arrival. But only if you are not 15 or think that Suicide Squad was good. Because it involves actual thinking. Which could be a drawback....

I just saw Arrival and I loved it. I thought Suicide Squad was good too, though, and I'm 13...

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Just got back from seeing Moana, and holy crap, was it good. The animation is absolutely stunning (especially in 3D), the music is beautiful, and there's even some heavy-emotional moments (in pure Disney fashion, of course) that almost made me cry. Easily one of the best Disney has ever done, 9/10! Finally, a movie that deserves the hype it gets!

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We saw Arrival yesterday. An amazing film. And Amy Adams deserves an Oscar Nom for this role.

And the Director, who is from Montreal I believe, should get a nom for this, as well. Maybe even the

entire film itself get Nommed LOL!


That said, the most freeky thing about the whole movie, is that we weren't watching it in IMAX, or

with 3D glasses on, either. Just a normal movie screen. With great sound of course.


But - it felt so wierd for a moment that I didn't have the glasses on! It's really four out of five movies

we're seeing nowadays, that 3D (and those glasses) has become a lot of 'the norm' in movie making.


So "Arrival" proved a wonderful film can still be done, even on a big budge, but without the 3D visual tricks.


For us both, 9/10 Popcorn Boxes. (And the ending is quite something, once you put it all together.)

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Arrival was ok. In fact, I quite loved it right up until like the last 20 minutes. Without spoiling anything I will just say that for me personally I don't like it when movies feel the need to explain everything in the end. Nothing in mainstream movies is left open-ended these days.

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We got to see Moana this past week.


Good movie. I wasn't blown away by it as much as I thought I'd be.

But - the water animation was amazing. To see how far they have

come with such things like 'water'.... wonderful. The songs were great,

but I felt there was one too many of them, though I can't say which

one could be left out, at this time.


Dwayne Johnson was fun as the demi-gawd, and the young actress playing

Moana was really good, especially in her singing! What - a - voice!


A good movie. Not fantastic or awesome, but good. And I will still give it

a high 8/10 Popcorn Boxes.


And speaking of CARS.... what a wild quick first trailer for the upcoming

CARS 3 next year. "From this moment, Everything Changes." Oh, I do

hope they're not going to do an "Enchanted" thing with this. Go live action,

I mean? Most likely not, but it still crossed my mind when I saw it. Hmmm.

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Going to see La La Land probably on the 20th and I'm beyond hyped. I've already listened to the soundtrack and it's very good. I'm really excited to see a modern day take on a 1950's style Hollywood musical.

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Also, can we take a moment to acknowledge the Cars 3 trailer? WHAT. THE. F**K. WAS. THAT.


I spit out my drink when I read this. Why on earth does that franchise get two sequels before the Incredibles even get one sequel? Especially when the first sequel is the single black mark on Pixar.

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