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  • 2 weeks later...

Saw Justice League yesterday night.

I was surprised by the movie. It's not my favorite DCEU movie so far Wonder Woman holds that spot But ranking the movies in points now for me its:

1. Wonder Woman (7)

2. Justice League (6,5)

3. Man of Steel (5,5)

4. Suicide Squad (4)

5. Batman v Superman (2)

The DCEU has yet to make a great movie in my opinion but the last two movies show me that they're getting there. I'm happy that what BvS suffered in my opinion, what was over stuffing, was not in Justice League. Wonder Woman had Ares that ruined mostly the final act, for the rest WW was a big step up. JL also started out very strong, some minor gripes and quick lazy things here and there, but it was the way they used "him" that bugged the hell out of me.

I know it's forbidden but I'm bringing Marvel in the mix. The first MCU movie I fully watched was the Avengers, and what I had with both JL and the Avengers movie was that they both can serve as a starting point filling you in on all the gaps you need to know. But both have references that get explain in other movies and there is the difference, Marvel already had those stories, after watching Iron man 1 and 2, the Hulk, Thor and Captain America the movie was much better. The DCEU doesn't have all those stories what made if feel wrong to reference in a cinematic universe. Some characters could have been anybody else, but if we had Aquaman already as an example, that red haired girl was "her" and not that red haired girl (I know who she meant to be but I still stand behind my opinion). Also the main plot device could have been referenced in previous installments, informing long time viewers that it's bad news. Going back to Marvel on this 4/5 movies before the Avengers all gave something more to the Avengers then except the main title hero. Jl gave all the information to us in this movie and few was to be taken to the next. Avengers felt like a checkpoint in the MCU the first step complete in a larger universe, JL was the first finish to it's own start.

To collect, The movie is okay, not great had a lot to take me out of it. The DCEU still doesn't work like it could but the worst parts get phased out of it.

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Just saw Coco early this afternoon...


Wow what a movie! Definitely one of The Best that Disney and Pixar have produced.


And I never knew you could make so many many individual and unique faces with...skulls.


Great film. Lots of wonderful Mexican mariachi music too. Must get the soundtrack.


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^ We knew it was going to be shown ahead of the main feature. It was enjoyable, actually.

Some good laughs provided by Olaf, of course. We just didn't know it was going to be that long!

I figured it would be as long as the other short they did, "Frozen Summer"? Or something like that.

But 20+ minutes actually pushed it, I felt. All in all, it was fun, a couple of neat songs in it, and

I'm only sad that Hans (who is this Hans?) didn't show up in it, somehow.

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I saw Disaster Artist this weekend and it was spectacular. If you have seen the Room, it's a must. If you haven't seen the Room, it's also a must. For those unfamiliar, the Room is a contender for one of the worst movies ever made. It's one of those movies so bad that it's funny. Everything from the acting to the dialogue to the plot is just off.


James Franco absolutely nailed it and it was hard to tell him apart from Tommy Wiseau. Everything from his mannerisms to the voice was perfect. The movie reenacts some of the movie's most iconic scenes and tries to explain some of the oddities such as a dude having sex with a woman's belly button.

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Anyone see the new behind the scenes video for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom? They build a little rollercoaster to record one of the scenes, I assume there will be a scene with the gyrosphere falling from somewhere...


At the 2:06 mark



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I'm mostly surprised at how sophisticated the track design is. For such a simple and temporary track, you would have thought it would be sufficient with a simple two-tube track, but this almost look like something a real coaster manufacturer could have created.

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That's really cool! I wonder if they used one of the manufacturer's we're familiar with for that track. It definitely looks too elaborate to be something in-house.


I was thinking the same thing. It uses a box spine. B&M is the only active company I can think of that uses that style. But it's a two-abreast vehicle. Giavanola used a similar style box track on their Six Flags Hypers, but even that looks wider than the track used in filming.


At the same time, I wonder if this is also being used as a test by Universal to see how a gyrosphere coaster could work at one or more of their parks.

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I just tweeted about this trailer. So what did everyone else think? To me, the movie is setting up to be super depressing if you're going to kill off like 90% of the dinosaurs that were living on the island!!!! And then they committed my cardinal sin of bad science...a human outrunning a pyroclastic flow on foot!!?!?!? GRRRR!!!!!


Oh the other hand...Jeff Goldblum.

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