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  1. I guess the last one I had was...Soju. Well it aint beer, rather it is a Korean Gin. hahaha
  2. Well it is not actually a film, it is a series that im hooked watching - Z Nation. Have you seen this guys?
  3. Cooolll, happiness pie thread...Hmmm what made me happy today? well, satisfied my craving of eating a XXL Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza. #heavenfeel
  4. It is absolutely moving forward. They'll announce soon. 2021 Cool, looking forward to that.
  5. I just wanted to share that I often listen to spiritual music now a days. Everything's happening now in our world is stressful. The stress and worries we're facing can make us sick and weak. So to keep our mind and heart healthy too, I choose to listen to music that will give us hope and inspire us.
  6. We are not sure when it will gonna be ok to travel but one thing for sure, once everything is good it is worthy to reward ourselves and for the main time we should focus on our health and safety.
  7. Eat like a Walt is awesome! ... It's an exquisitely beautiful exhibit...
  8. Not really beer but Vodka Cruiser. The last time I drunk beer was 2 months ago, I had a hangover for 2 days...severe headache and vomitting.
  9. I just saw Planet of the Apes. It's a great movie. I just love all the effects and how they did this movie. Fantastic!
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