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Evel Knievel - NEW GCI Coaster For Six Flags St. Louis

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wouldn't be surprised if it's a GCI clone of one of the European GCI's (Troy, Thunderbird) since obviously not a lot of people have ridden them (or will) which makes it unique for here in America, except for Rob, Elissa, and a few others on this site that got the opportunity to. That would excite me, both Troy and Thunderbird look solid! But, who knows, maybe i'm wrong, just have to wait and see!

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^ I quote Six Flags CEO Mark Shapiro --


"You won't be seeing anymore Goliaths." (in reference to roller coasters the size of Over Georgia's new 2006 ride)


Goliath from SFOG, yes. Though the B&M hyper at La Ronde would be something i could see being installed.


I'm sorry. I thought I made it clear.


"You won't be seeing anymore Goliaths."


What's the name of La Ronde's 2006 coaster? There you go.

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There's not going to be a B&M hyper going into St. Louis.


Of course there isn't, why would they build a hyper in a city that doesn't even have a theme park? Sorry I just had to be an a$$, but SFStL is in Eureka, Missouri; not St. Louis.


As far as a new woody goes, it sounds great to ME, but for the most part the GP sees all woodies as the same.

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This is posted in a story on STL Today. Looks like a GCII to me.


"The ride will start out with a stomach-churning 80-foot drop as the ride takes a 90-degree left turn and another 55-foot drop. The 2,700-foot ride hits speeds of 50 mph. It has 16 hills and multiple high-banked turns at up to 67-degree angles. The coaster criss crosses 14 times.


Riders will enter into Millennium Flyer cars in the ride's two 24-passenger trains. The cars are specially designed to hang tight in the ride's sharp turns and high banks."

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Myfoxstl.com has a pic up of the rendering of the new coaster...



Here's the accompanying article...


New Wooden Roller Coaster, Evel Knievel, Rides into Six Flags St. Louis 2008


New thrill ride marks park’s fourth consecutive year of capital expansion


St. Louis – September 27, 2007 – Continuing its tradition of providing park guests with new and exciting thrills each season, Six Flags St. Louis announced today plans for its latest addition: Evel Knievel. This $7 million wooden wonder is unlike any of the park’s existing eight coasters. Evel Knievel, the park’s third wooden coaster, is a compact twister by Great Coasters International, Inc. which will present an impressive visual from I-44 and a formidable challenge in person.


“The unpredictability and high energy of this coaster makes it the perfect way to pay tribute to the king of adrenaline, Evel Knievel,” said David Roemer, President of Six Flags St. Louis.


A daredevil’s dream, the 2,700-ft. ride experience begins with an 80-ft. first drop at a 90° left turn angle, which is answered with a 55-ft. double down drop. Sixteen hills follow with camelbacks, a 40-ft. fan curve and multiple high-banked turns at up to 67° angles. Standing 82-ft. tall and traveling 50 mph, this intense coaster crosses over itself an incredible 14 times while making frequent and tight directional changes. Evel Knievel will boast two 24-passenger trains of GCI’s own Millennium Flyer cars specially designed to maneuver the ride’s sharp turns and high banks on a dime while providing an exceptionally smooth ride.


Evel Knievel, born in Butte, Montana in 1938, began his daredevil career in 1965 and over the next 12 years earned the name of America’s Legendary Daredevil for his heroic and death-defying feats. Through his eventful career, Evel had garnered international media attention for both his successful jumps and his amazing crashes. Some of his career highlights and best known feats include setting a world record for jumping 19 cars in Ontario, CA in 1971; flying over 50 cars stacked in the center of the Los Angeles Coliseum in 1973; jumping 14 Greyhound buses in Ohio in October of 1974 and soaring over Snake River Canyon in Idaho in his rocket powered “skycyle” that same year. They rival some of his more spectacular spills, including his jump over the fountains at Caesar’s Palace in 1968 and his leap over 13 double tiered buses in Wembley Stadium in 1975.


By the time he retired in the winter of 1976, Evel held the Guinness Book of World Records for the most broken bones and had also captured ABC’s Wide World of Sports largest TV viewing audience with his Ohio jump in 1974. Evel has also been immortalized in the Smithsonian Institute with his motorcycle and memorabilia display.


Evel Knievel is scheduled to open mid-summer 2008 and will be located in the front of the park near the Log Flume and the Moon Antique Cars. Six Flags St. Louis has brought its guests new and exciting experiences for the past four consecutive years with the addition of Tony Hawk’s Big Spin, a new family coaster, in 2007; the introduction of Bugs Bunny National Park, our new kids area, and SUPERMAN Tower Of Power, a free-fall ride, in 2006. And, in 2005, Tornado swept into Hurricane Harbor, Six Flags St. Louis’ water park which is offered free with theme park admission.

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Woah! Awsome coaster!


So happy to see more GCIs in the future. They're such great rides, as long as they have MFs.


Not loving the name, but since he's dead, we at least don't have to worrry about him being a sellout.



I find it strange that this park is getting a third woodie. It's going to be the only SF park in history to have 3, so I guess that's an achievement. Still, it seems that some kind of a steel coaster would have made more sense, but who cares! it just looks great! Screw Boss!


I feel like the park should be getting a B&M or Intiman multi-looper or something, but on the other hand, this coaster will bring the park independecne from any other park in the chain--more than Its ever had.


Six Flags really deserves credit for being origonal.

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