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Evel Knievel - NEW GCI Coaster For Six Flags St. Louis

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Here's my two cents... Being a life long resident on Kansas City I have tried to get to St. Louis every year as well as a trip or two to Branson yearly. SFSTL is a nice park with average coasters and a big need for quality flats. This holds true for most of the Missouri parks other than SDC. It is very hard for me to consider another woodie going into SFSTL knowing that they are building one at WOF within a year or two. I would hope they would look at something very unusual but Swoosh has already said the layout is already in another park. In a post above the amount of 2 million was used and I kinda laughed, any decent woodie is going to run 10 to 15 million. If they really wanted to attract people to the park a dive coaster would fit in great! Since both Bush parks have them on the east coast it would be awesome to slap one right in the midwest. I promise you they would really pack them in with a dive coaster. Just my opinion.....


Wow then how did voyage get made for 6 million. How about Kentucky Rumbler, cornball express, avalanche. etc. Woodens can be built for a lot less especially if they go around the 100 foot mark.



Every park needs a Hyper, seriously? Knoebels, IB, and 100 other small parks would have to say you are crazy.

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Wooden coasters cost much less than steel coasters for some reason. I haven't really understood why things are this way, because I would think that wood requires much more work to put together vs a steel coaster that can have its pieces lifted into place and then bolted. The only catch to buying a wooden coaster is that they cost more to maintain (I think so at least).


So price-wise, I could see why a park would want to go with wood rather than steel. Honestly I could care less what Six Flags St. Louis gets next year as long as its a coaster. I'd prefer that the park gets something that's not a clone, but if that's what happens then it's still a credit.


I saw pictures of the dismantled kiddie coaster behind Boss. Is there news on whether or not that ride is being moved to a different location or if the ride is being taken out of the park for good? Also, when they had the kiddie coaster operating, was there a maximum height restriction? I could never find where the ride was, so I never got a chance to score a credit on it.

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How much does an Intamin woody run?


Balder was about ten million. I heard that El Toro was 21 million.


$21 million for El Toro? The same amount for Tatsu and Maverick? No.


Not unless it was built all from endangered Eucalyptus trees.


I'm just saying what I heard. Supposedly the cost of the three major coasters installed at Six Flags parks in 2006 came to a total of 57 million. The prices for the other two (Goliath at SFOG and Goliath at La Ronde) are known.


I do think that 21 million seems like a steep price for a woodie, but 12 million seems a little low for a coaster of El Toro's size if Balder coat 10 million.

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It was definitely 12, if you also look at it Balder has a relatively small footprint, it goes inside itself and doesn't really branch out at all away from the structure. In a sense El Toro doesn't too much because the first half of the ride are hills that are parallel to each other, then a cross over into another section that stays there. But, anyhow, GCI coasters as everybody said costs 6-8 million usually, and with GCI, they are very reliable so you can NEVER go wrong with one

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I was reading most of what has been posted in this thread and I like how everyone immediate jumps on the "it's going to be a roller coaster" bandwagon. While that would be nice for this park, did anybody ever stop to consider that it could possibly be a Wiggles World or Thomas Town? Or both?


I know they just redid their Bugs Bunny National Park area, but Great Adventure and Marine World have both added new kids areas right after introducing a new kids area a year or two before. So it's not out of the question.

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