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  1. This is posted in a story on STL Today. Looks like a GCII to me. "The ride will start out with a stomach-churning 80-foot drop as the ride takes a 90-degree left turn and another 55-foot drop. The 2,700-foot ride hits speeds of 50 mph. It has 16 hills and multiple high-banked turns at up to 67-degree angles. The coaster criss crosses 14 times. Riders will enter into Millennium Flyer cars in the ride's two 24-passenger trains. The cars are specially designed to hang tight in the ride's sharp turns and high banks."
  2. Prince! Seen several shows of his but the best are at Paisley Park. I remember the first I attended back in 96. Doors opened at midnite, $10 to get in, music started about 1, played till 5:30 in the morning.
  3. What weekend were you planning to visit? I have some friends coming to MPLS this weekend and they want to go to VF on Saturday. I usually avoid Saturdays in late July - August. If I go I will let you know how the crowds were.
  4. Wild Thing Raging Bull Steel Venom Hades Avalanche Renegade Maverick
  5. I too am surprised about your review of Renegade. I have never felt that it limps back into the station. I prefer Renegade and Avalanche to Hades, but that's just me.
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