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Canada's Wonderland Discussion Thread

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On a clear day at the top of the lift hill, you'll be able to see Cedar Point.
NICE! best joke ever.


I was confused about why they were adding so many rides in a short ammount of time ala Six Flags, but Im guessing they are rewarding the park for almost surpassing them in annual capacity? Im not sure, but now that they have added three rides in a short period, what will they do now. Don't take this as an "Im ungreatful", beleive me, I am very happy (it gives me an excuse to go back to canada) I am just curious as to their next move. will it be maintaining the park as is, getting new trains for the arrows & vekomas, installing a bunch of flat rides? Im sure whatever they will do is awesome, and I am so glad i get to go to canada next year

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^ I'd go with maintaining the park. At least for a couple years.


Maybe throw something back in splash works after removing the drop slides a few years back. Perhaps they can even work on yearly updates to Starlight Spectacular? I would love to see that show get more attention as it was quite amazing.


Either way, I think for at least the next couple years they can rest a little in terms of the thrill rides and focus on the rest of the park infrastructure.

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So the last "supported" piece of track was installed today. I've read that the supports were attached to the track later this afternoon. I was able to get some pictures from the employee lot as I was meeting up with an employee at the park today.











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^ I do kind of see what you mean, it does indeed look like that from some angles. Leviathan, like Wild Eagle is looking so much better in construction than in animation form. I would be really scared on this ride, with the slow (compared to Intamin's cable) lift hill (PMBO gets me every time). I am just imagining how insane the air time on the back row of this thing down the drop would be, I thought Silver Star's drop was awesome in the back row, this is taller and steeper.

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Man, that drop is going to be intimidating when the train full of riders are looking down from the top. Imagine if Behemoth's drop really did end up as 85 degrees!


When you are riding any coaster, lean forward into the restraints while riding. The drops feel about 20 degree steeper. So Behemoth will feel like a 95 degree drop. I've tried it many times on several different coasters (the effect is most noticeable on straight drops) and it works every time.


But in regards to Leviathan, I can definitely say that I am now very impressed by the ride. It looks phenomenal now. It makes me really wish I had enough cash for both New Hotness and Leviathon.

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I'm planning out my trip for next year and just realized that Canada's wonderland is less than 3 hours from my house. Shame on me for not getting there sooner!


That drop looks promising, I'll have to try to get back row my first ride.

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