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What are your TOP TEN COASTERS

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Wood (also, my overall top 10)

1. Hades

2. Shivering Timbers

3. HellCat

4. Raven

5. Voyage

6. Evel Knievel

7. Kentucky Rumbler

8. Legend

9. Viper

10. Cornball Express



1.Raging Bull


3.Batman: The Ride (SFSTL)

4.Millennium Force

5.Batman:The Ride (SFGAM)

6.Mr. Freeze (SFSTL)


8.Magnum XL-200

9.Top Thrill Dragster

10.Tigg'r Coaster

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My overall top 10 (updated as off 8/11/10):


1.) El Toro (Great Adventure)

2.) Millenium Force (Cedar Point)

3.) Nitro (Great Adventure)

4.) Magmun XL-200 (Cedar Point)

5.) Kingda Ka (Great Adventure)

6.) X2 (Magic Mountain)

7.) Goliath (Magic Mountain)

8.) Apollo's Chariot (Busch Gardens Williamsburg)

9.) Griffon (Busch Gardens Williamsburg)

10.) Tatsu (Magic Mountain)

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Here is actualy my top 10 and why I choose them :


1] Ispeed (Mirabilandia / IT / Steel) - Speed, intense, craizy air time hill, crazy loops, awesome looking

2] Katun (Mirabilandia / IT / Steel) - It's first drop is incredible, it's 0G in the front, everything

3] Blue Fire Megacoaster (Europa Park / DE / Steel) - For his smoothness layout, the trains, the heartline roll

4] Tonnerre De Zeus (Parc Asterix / FR / Wood) - For the most intense positive G's I've ever feel after a 1st drop

5] Furius Baco (PortAventura / SP / Steel) - The awesome launch - the awesome pre-show and the awesome heartline roll

6] Dragon Khan (PortAventura / SP / Steel) - 8 loops, 8 "what's happening to me" time

7] Silverstar (Europa Park / DE / Steel) - First Drop, tal ride, fast S-turn,tall ride and tall ride

8] Magic Mountain (Gardaland/ IT / Steel) - Vekoma goodness with those new trains

9] Nemo Crush Coaster (Walt Disney Studios / FR / Steel) - Beautifull spinning coaster themed outstanding

10] Big Thunder Mountain (Disneyland Resort Paris / FR / Steel) Most beautifull theme ever seen for me, long ride


And everything because of my girlfriend that follows me on each ride!

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Since I'm pretty much done with new credits this year, I think this will probably be my list heading into Mitch's poll.




1. El Toro

2. Phoenix

3. Boulder Dash

4. Ravine Flyer II





1. Bizarro (SFNE)

2. Phantom's Revenge

3. Kumba

4. Ride of Steel


Yea, I know it's not a top 10 list, but I start grouping them after this.

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I don't get around much, but this is my most recent Top 10:


1.Apollo's Chariot~BGE


3. Phantom's Revenge~Kennywood

4. Lightning Racer~Hersheypark

5. Alpengeist~BGE

6. Sky Rocket~Kennywood

7. Griffon~BGE



10. SooperDooperLooper~Hersheypark


This is out of 34 different coasters. I hope to get around a lot more in the coming years.

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Top 10 out of 110.


1. X2

2. Fahrenheit

3. Beast

4. Voyage

5. Hydra The Revenge

6. Ravine Flyer II

7. Magnum XL-200

8. Maverick

9. Terminator

10. Diamondback


Notable: Phoenix (11) Millennium Force (12) Dragster (17) Mean Streak (33)


Worst coasters I've been on- Space Mountain (FLA), Expedition Everest

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1. INTIMIDATOR305!!!!(hopefully will never change!)




Intimidator 305 is my #1 even with the restrictor plates. I actually like the 2nd half of the ride MUCH better now (w/ the restrictor plates) because of the nice ejector air on the 3rd hill and not going through the "twisties" as fast. The new restraints are the best OSTR's ever, IMO!

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I have probably responded to this but I am too lazy to look right now: (Pls keep in mind I have not been to a lot of parks)


My list in NO order:



1. Nitro

2. Kingda Ka

3. Space Mountain (Florida)

4. Talon

5. Fahrenheit

6. Two Face: The Flip Side (was at Six Flags America)

7. Outer Limits

8. Mystery Mine

9. Loch Ness Monster

10. Batman (Six Flags Great Adventure)



1. Thunderhead

2. Lightning Racer

3. Comet (Hersheypark)

4. Phoenix

5. Twister

6. Roar

7. Thunderhawk

8. El Toro

9. Grizzly

10. Wild One

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After the IntimidaTour my list has changed significantly so I think it's worth a re-post.



1. Terminator Salvation: The Ride (SFMM)

2. Thunderhead (DW)

3. Roar (SFDK)

4. GhostRider (KBF)

5. Grizzly (CGA)

6. Thunder Road (CW)

7. Rebel Yell (KD)

8. Giant Dipper (SCBB)

9. Hurler (CW)

10. Colossus (SFMM)



1. Intimidator (CW)

2. Dominator (KD)

3. Maverick (CP)

4. Griffon (BGW)

5. Mystery Mine (DW)

6. Tatsu (SFMM)

7. Top Thrill Dragster (CP)

8. Xcelerator (KBF)

9. X2 (SFMM)

10. California Screamin' (DCA)

Edited by rcdude
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Definitely some shake-ups in my Top 10 after several park trips throughout July.....


Overall Top 10:


1. Voyage (HW)

2. Millennium Force (CP)

3. El Toro (SF GAdv)

4. (tie) Intimidator (Car.)

4. (tie) Apollo's Chariot (BGE)

6. Diamondback (KI)

7. (tie) Phantom's Revenge (KW)

7. (tie) Ravine Flyer II (Wald.)

9. Top Thrill Dragster (CP)

10. Phoenix (Knoeb.)


Steel Top 10:


1. Millennium Force (CP)

2. (tie) Intimidator (Car.)

2. (tie) Apollo's Chariot (BGE)

4. Diamondback (KI)

5. Phantom's Revenge (KW)

6. Top Thrill Dragster (CP)

7. Griffon (BGE)

8. Sky Rocket (KW)

9. Raging Bull (SF GAm)

10. Maverick (CP)


Wooden Top 10:


1. Voyage (HW)

2. El Toro (SF GAdv)

3. Ravine Flyer II (Wald.)

4. Phoenix (Knoeb.)

5. Shivering Timbers (Mich. Adv)

6. Lightning Racer (HP)

7. Thunderbolt (KW)

8. Raven (HW)

9. Viper (SF GAm)

10. Jack Rabbit (KW)

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Overall Top 10


1. Voyage

2. Bizarro (6F New England)

3. Millennium Force

4. Apollo’s Chariot

5. Phoenix

6. El Toro

7. Goliath (6F Over GA)

8. Eejanaika

9. Kawasemi

10. Hades


Extras to create Top 10 Steel

7. Katun

8. Phantom’s Revenge

9. Maverick

10. Behemoth


Extras to create Wood Top 10

5. T-Express

6. Beast

7. Tonnere de Zeus

8. Ghostrider

9. Legend (Holiday World)

10. Ravine Flyer II

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Top ten huh? After this summer, I now have three more parks under my belt, and feel like I am able to say that I can join in this conversation, finally!


Just a note... those who think Apollo's Chariot is great...You NEED to ride Nitro! lol. I personally haven't gotten over to SFNE, although that is planned before the season is over, so my top may change. I hear Superman, cough...eh... uh..Bizarro is best.


I also love inverts, but Alpengeist was really just eh for me. Very rough this past week, in the front, in the back...eh. Not my fave.


I have not been on TTD or KK yet. I had this fear of heights...but they are most certainly next on my list!


1. Nitro

2. MF

3. El Toro

4. Kumba

5. i305

6. Maverick

7. Stormrunner

8. Griffon (have yet to ride Sheikra)

9. Manta

10. Batman: The Ride (SFGAdv)


Special Honor: Dominator (KD)

This ride was nothing special, just super fun...we rode it so many times. It did not have the "shake" I have heard people complain about.

Edited by Lenaapple1974
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Top 10 Steel:


1. Maverick @ CP

2. Nitro @ SFGAdv

3. Storm Runner @ Hershey

4. Millenium Force @ CP

5. Bizzaro @ SFGAdv

6. Griffon @ BGW

7. Sea Serpent @ MP

8. Hydra @ DP

9. Talon @ DP

10. Steel Force @ DP

11. (Hey, there were no restrictions to a #11!) Wicked Twister @ CP



Top 10 Wooden


1. El Toro @ SFGAdv

2. Comet @ Hershey

3. Phoenix @ Knoebels

4. Gemini @ CP

5. Thunderhawk @ DP

6. Mean Streak @ CP

7. Twister @ Knoebels

8. Rolling Thunder @ SFGAdv

9. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad @ DisneyWorld

10. Psychlone @ CI

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I've been on mostly soCal coasters, and not that many woodies, but here goes:




Goliath (SFMM)



Dueling Dragons (Dragon Challenge)

California Screamin'

Incredible Hulk


Rock N' Roller Coaster (Paris & FL)


Space Mt. (Paris)


Yes, I actually liked Space Mt. in Paris.






Lightning Racers

Giant Dipper (Santa Cruz)

Roar (SFDK)

Timber Terror

Comet (Hershey)


Wildcat (Hershey)

Colossus (SFMM)

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