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The Official TPR Spain & Mini-Europe Trip 2007 Thread

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I went through the blue curtain with Robb and that's as far as I'll go.


Some things are better left in the past. Or better yet, completly erased from memory.


I'll never look at a uni-cycle and a jar of mayonaise the same way again.

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This is a very small but fun update.

It was 20 photos and a video! WTF! It's not really bigger or smaller than any of the other Spain updates I've been doing!


--Robb "I don't post an update...people complain...I post an update...people complain....*sigh*" Alvey


Come on Robb....you know in the rules it says "Robb Alvey must post at least 2,428,828 photos per PTR."


I mean really.


Just ignore them Robb. I love your reports.

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MrMorgan's poem ROCKS! I have not laughed that hard in a long long time! I agree with the majority on these boards that patience is a virtue. Long live Robb and Elissa and the AMAZING job that they do with the site, the trips, the pictures, the videos and KidTumms! Kudos and best wishes!


Thank you so much for allowing us to "travel" along with you to Spain, I have never been overseas (**YET**), but I feel like I have with the incredible trip report! Keep up the good work....oh and I am voting for BIG MIKE again!!

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Great video and beautiful poem MrMorgan!

I'm a bit late because of lack of internet access. I sooo wish I could've gone on the add-on, nice to see you all had fun and thanks for the fantastic Spain-tour all you awesome people , I really miss it all: the trip, the people and the lovely hot weather!!

Thanks a lot for the updates Robb they really bring up some great memories!

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Another Spain Update!!! Terra Mitica!


Terra Mitica is an absolutley beautiful park! It kind of reminds me of Six Flags Fiesta Texas in that it's got a cliff wall as one of it's boundries with an RCCA woodie built into it, but that's pretty much where the similarities end.


The park completely mediteranian themed with greek, roman, and Iberian sections.


Coaster wise it wasn't the best with a fairly mediocre woodie and an SLC, but overall the park was really really nice!


Anyway, onto some pics, when I do the full updates I'll talk about the park in more detail.


POV of Magnus Colossus!!!




It did look very HAPPY to see us! =)

No wonder why it's called the "ball" coaster!


While the Intamin Ball coaster was closed today....


"Ocean Slime....or Organ Slime?"


I don't know why but this photo just makes me LMFAO!!!!


Another random park shot. Purdy, huh?


"26 pints later and you'll look just like me!"


At lunch we were treated to a greek meal complete with a naked man!!!


Yellow hat club on the log ride. Oops. the REVERSING log ride...because you know, we haven't been on many of these this trip! =)


Another look at Terra Mitica...


Take a REALLY good look at the Iberia section...might be the last time you ever see it....


Rumor has it this view is going to completely change.


Elissa shares a ride with the lipstick camera. "Best riding partner I've had all trip!"


Ok, boys, do not try to break that park rule! ;)


The sign says "No going down on yourself!!!"

Photo by Jeff Johnson


Nothin like some extended ride time on the SLC!


Ahh, the final coaster of our 90 minute ERT!


Hey! The girls are right! Yummy! =)

Photo by JimmyBo


The girls of TPR really enjoyed the ride....maybe it wasbecause of the vibration it makes....hmmm....


We then headed over to ERT on Magnus Colossus, which I honestly expected to be horrible, but it really wasn't that bad. It wasn't amazing or anything, but we survived!


Still, it woke us all up, which some of us desperatley needed after our late night in Benidorm!


We started our day with ERT on the giant frisbee. It did a lot more swinging than it did spinning.


I mentioned the whole SFFT similarities with the cliff wall and the RCCA woodie right? Good! Check!


Zip version for you Firefox losers

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Magnus Colossus not too bad?!! It must be those new Intamin trains I've heard about, but it doesn't look as if the trains have changed! When I rode it, it was like Jackhammer: The ride.


However, it does have an amazing view and I love the noise it makes for some reason. The double drop is pretty good too.


Glad you enjoyed Terra Mitica as it's an absoluely beautiful park and very underated in my opinion. Great POV of Magnus colossus, the first one I've seen.

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I guess the funniest thing about the POV on Magnus' is that it seems to have been filmed in sloooow motion - and yet this is not the case, in fact I think you have cheated there Robb and actually speeded things up


The park was in fact brilliant, and the theming incredible. None of this fake plaster cladding that many parks have - if they built a temple, it was a temple of real stone, when you see the hieroglyphics, they are properly carved in stone and painted accordingly.


Mitica took theming to the extreme however- so when in the Greek section, they sold for example tea towels with Santorini featured. Well hello dudes, this is Spain, just a spit from Benidorm, not Greece- give me some Mitica souvenirs!


Great ice cream however saved the day TUTTI FRUTTI

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