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The Official TPR Spain & Mini-Europe Trip 2007 Thread

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Lou I have to say I love you more than ever. Sitting at home, listening to these little tools whine about updates, whine about POV's and countless other things has made me sick. Thanks to these tools I couldn't check in on my friends and see what they were up too. I believe a ban until updates are finished along with a ban from any TPR trip seems appropriate. My parents use these updates as a way to check in on their family and experience the trip with a loved one, yet you people are upset because you can't download a ride video of a ride you will probably never go on since you live your life through the computer.


Obviously this post is only for the whiners, and all others who just enjoy the pictures like a normal human being should are exempt from my attack.


Rich "Can't wait for Europe" Bitner

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Dear Whiners,

Your lack of mental ability to not annoy our beloved Robb and Elissa has gone far too much and way out of proportion. I understand that many of us are living vicariously through these updates, but to push one to their limits and DEMAND updates is cruel. Many of us have never gone on these trips, and some of us are hoping to save up money to go on these trips next year. Have you thought what if Robb and Elissa get just so sick of your annoyances that they post no trips and no updates? HOW WOULD YOU LIVE?!!!!?!?!?! Robb and Elissa are doing this-TPR.com, and trips, AND updates-because they love to do it, not because they are obligated to. I hope that one day you whinners will grow up and realize what hard work they are doing, and learn to appreciate it. Honestly, I'm pretty sure you could live a couple of days, maybe even a week or two without an update. I mean, seriously, it's just TPR.com, not life....unless you have dedicated your life to TPR.com and Robb and Elissa...then that's a whole different issue that I will not waste my time to discuss about. All that we other members ask is that you please calm down and quit whinning about updates. Good things come to those who wait for it.

Thank You





and if you still didn't get what I tried to explain, or what everyone else has BEEN trying to explain, maybe this will help:




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Kudos to Homer for lightening the mood here.... However, I am a bit concerned about little Kristen. She seems to have gotten so thin on the trip? Perhaps Robb and Elissa are so preoccupied over all this arguing about updates, lack of updates, and people being pissed about people being pissed about updates that they have forgotten to feed the baby? She looks like a stick figure!


Welcome back home to all the travelers!



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You know whats ironic about this thread now, the whiners whine about the lack of updates and now the non-whiners are whining about the whiners.


Irony? I guess...


But again, to all of the narrow minded people who don't know Robb and Elissa's hectic schedule.


During the trips, the parks are practically ALL DAY (depending on how big the park is, if its a small park, then its a half day or shorter). Sometimes you don't get to hotels until EXTREMELY late at night (take a look at the itinerary of any of the trips). And also, the Wi-fi varies from hotel to hotel (from what I heard from Jeff). And I'm pretty sure after a long day, R&E would rather chill at a bar than sit in front of a screen posting coaster porn to all of you free loaders who think Robb and Elissa are robots that sit in front of a computer all day.


Then when they get home, they have to deal with work and also, they have 3 weeks to prep for the midwest trip, which is ANOTHER huge coaster trip.


For somethings sake... BE PATIENT!


Also, I think the subtitle should be changed to "More whining than KidTums guaranteed!" And to lighten the mood again...


Ladies, he's single!

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Ok, let's have a bit of a moratorium on chastising the update whiners. I think they get the point at this juncture, if they don't they'll be banned.


Let's get back to talking about the trip. Thanks.

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If I had more time in the airports today I would have posted Morgan's poem.


I'm on our plane to LA posting via blackberry now after much delay and I will post that video as soon as I get home.


And then yes, all the mini-updates will continue followed by the full updates.



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Hey ya'll. I've finished my first Mini-Europe Trip video! It's taken me hours today, but I'm happy to have it done to share with everyone and make all the haters jealous that they weren't there. Teetle!


It's a mix of all the parks, with a little more emphasis on Klotten and Tripsdrill. I've got enough footage of Phantasialand, Toverland, and Holiday Park to make seperate, individual videos for each one of them. Those will be coming soon enough.


In the mean time, enjoy this "little bit of everything" video, and let me know what you think. I had so much fun on this trip!


p.s. I'll upload a downloadable version tomorrow. I've just gotta get some sleep now. It's 1:21 a.m. and i've got to get up early to get my shoulder taken care of...


Here's MrMorgan's 2nd video for download for the FireFox peeps:




MrMorgan's Mini-Europe Trip Park Compilation Video

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Great video Morgan!


Really makes me wish I could have stayed on for the Mini-Europe part of the trip. Well, I'll just have to do the full Europe trip next year! You all look like you had a great time and it really made me miss all the great people on the Spain part of the trip. You guys all rock and hopefully I'll see you all next year!

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is it just me or does baco look kinda boring?

Its not just you. It does *look* boring. From the photos and videos I saw I was not expecting the OMFG ride that it was.


The airtime you get on the drop after the launch is just sick. And then you don't have time to catch your breath until the zero G and it takes that SO fast!


The video doesn't do it justice but that ride is anything but boring.




Ok, you sold me. This ride is now on my to-do list.


--Ryan Asher "Would ride a d*ck if Robb Alvey said it was exciting" Reynoso

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Great video, Morgan. And I've been using Firefox for years, and never have a problem with streaming videos. You may need to make sure your Firefox, plug ins and video codecs are all up to date.


Spain and Mini-Europe goddamn owned. I miss making fun of Chris already. Can't wait for Japan.



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