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The Rumor / Crazy Idea Superthread

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I agree with a couple of these posts, but I figure once everyone makes their best attempts at humor, it will eventually be what it was designed for... genuine rumors.


Quoted for truth.


Watch it, there'll be a couple more pages of randomness (which I think is a lot of fun as long as it's only temporary), then the thread'll drop down and be revived hours or days later with something genuine.


Well, that's the rumour at least.

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Not a rumor or random, but I have been thinking since I went to Cedar Point, that they should get a boardwalk. I know that a boardwalk themed area has been talked about for CP since the dawn of time, but whatever. It could either be a genuine themed area, or a shopping strip thing like Univeral CityWalk. Anyway, a major new themed area would need an attraction as an anchor, so either as part of the initial construction, or as a second phase, there would be a new coaster.


My idea for that would be a B&M floorless, something on a similar scale to Batman: The Dark Knight, but would have unique features to back it up. First off, the ride would feature either steel scafolding style supports or steel scafolding with steel tubes inside for support throughout the entire ride, and the track and supports would be painted white. Now there would be a reason for this. Besides inversions (I'm thinking four or five) there would be helices and curving drops similar to a 20s era wooden twister.


The ride would also have a brand new element, it would start as an inclined loop, but tilted more then usual. 3 quarters of the way down, it would unbank and flatten out, then head into a half corkscrew and down through a half loop. It would be called an "Inclined Cobra Roll". The ride would have to named "Cyclone" because it would be built as a homage to 1920s twisters.


If the area would be an outside the park shopping strip, the ride would be an upcharge attraction, that CP guests could get on for free with handstamps. Alot of guests probably use the handstamps anyway, because the dining options are alot better outside the park then inside.


Then I have two other, less developed ideas for a third woodie at CP. One concept would start out in the old aqautic stadium, do a turnaround and climb a steep 240 foot lift hill next to Wicked Twister, then have an out and back layout that turns into a twister like El Toro. The ride would have to be an Intamin woodie.


The other would be a GCI twister on Millennium Island (the island that Paddlewheel Excursions goes around, and that Millennium Force's two airtime hills are on), and would have the queue and exit crosd the lagoon and start out in a small entrance building on the main part of Frontier Trail (Not the Mantis/Millennium Force part, the western themed part past those two rides). It would have to break some sort of record, so make the drop go to 80 degrees or so, and you have some bragging rights right there.


Or Cedar Point could just build the worlds tallest and fastest coaster again. I'm thinking it would start out in the Aqautic Stadium like my first wooden coaster idea, then turn around and climb a 500 foot lift hill, then do a 360 degree spiral on the way down. It's thing to set it apart from Magnum and Millennium Force would be several tunnels under the parking lot, and an inversion or two for good measure.


I guess I went on a little longer then I meant too. You can all laugh at how much of a Cedar Point fanboy I am now

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^ I would say that's less of a rumor and more of an "educated guess" looking at the ride installation pattern of both parks (and including Celebration City).


If the parks are happy with both Mystery Mine and the swing I'd say it's entirely possible.


But if for any reason one or both of those rides are not a crowd pleaser, a maintenance nightmare, etc, you probably wont' see them buy another one.



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^That sounds kind of cool, is said pavilion going to be in World Showcase or Future World?


Well, anyways, for my educated guess/rumor. I kinda doubt this would happen but it has been floating around since SheiKra's construction. In 2009, for the park's fiftieth anniversary, the park will get another revolutionary B&M that has been unthought of.


Yeah, sounds kinda stupid, but I doubt it will happen because of the 2008 "Jungala" area in the Congo area.

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Take this for what it's worth, but I've heard whispers that EPCOT may finally get a new pavilion in the next few years.

Maybe Wonders of Life is on the chopping block, and this is where the new pavillion would be placed. That would be pretty cool, I think the new pavillion should be an updated version of Horizons.


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I heard Gadv is getting a gerstlauer spinning coaster where Freefall used to be.


Eww I hope not. I know theres a rumor that GAdv is getting a new coaster in 09 but that better not be it, family overload


I heard a rumor about 4 car per train operation on Chiller but I highly doubt it is true

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What ever happened to the rumored rocket coaster for Great America? I heard people say that it was suppose to be Hypersonic (Which they were going to get) and other people saying it was going to be an Intamin.

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