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Photo TR: KidTums Goes to Six Flags Magic Mountain!

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So now that KidTums is 6 weeks old, we felt it was time to take her out to her first park! And technically she even got her first "ride" credit in today too!


We met up with JimmyBo and Friends for a little while and of course Jahan was there too!


Anyway, join us now for "KidTums goes to Six Flags Magic Mountain!"


Is it just me or does KidTums look REALLY pissed off here?!?!


Both mommy and KidTums each have their own blankets!


Thanks to Antonio and his family, I've been kept VERY well fed! =)


Uncle Jow sent her a cute little shirt!


Heh, KidTums has a brain slug!


So back at home she eats...and eats....and eats....daddy is very proud!


So we ask Jahan the amatuer photographer "How about a nice family picture?" Hey Jahan...try getting the baby in the picture next time!!! Grrrrrr!!!!


"OMG! The cost of admission sure is getting unreasonable!!!" =)


No, no ASO, it's ok, really...she's just practicing for when the park gets Q-Bots! Why don't you guys go test to see if the coffee is too hot or something?


Woah, interesting...so they really DID print up shirts WITHOUT the Six Flags name just in case the park was sold!!!


Deja Vu just looks so much more awesomenesser without Psyclone! (Is that even a word!??!)


"We will work for food!"


That's such an awesome sight! I think EVERY Photo TR should include a picture of demolished Psyclone (Even non-SFMM photo TR's!)


"It took me 25 years to finally get on Sky Tower and KidTums gets this credit in the first 6 weeks of her life!"


And here is the obligatory signature coaster shot of Tatsu.


Sky Tower is KidTums' 2nd ride credit! (Wow, two Intamin rides in one day!)


Uh, oh...somebody ate at Mooseburger Lodge! =)


We met up with JimmyBo and Friends to ride the Log Jammer (I have a feeling this is NOT going to be a good idea!)


And look who was the ride operator for KidTums' first ride! (And yes, we brought Mike a pizza)


So Orient Express was KidTums' first ride credit! (Hey, at least it was an Intamin!) ;)


OMG! It's his "I really gotta take a mean dump" face!!!


Yay! KidTums is in her first park! (although she can't see it, she still thinks it's quite cool) Wait...WTF is that expression on Jahan's face?!?!


Hey Elissa.... "You are Here!" =)


KidTums prepares for SFMM by doing her best Mike "Throw a pizza in my mouth" impression (see the WCB update to understand that caption!)


Elissa and Kristen say "Thanks for hanging out with us at SFMM! Hopefully we'll see some of you soon at Six Flags America!"


Woah! Little girl freaking out alert!!!

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Aww that is so cute, damn I wish I was getting credits at kidtums age.


Damn, I wish I had parents like that, at kidtums age!


Looks like she's racking 'em up pretty fast there, hmmm?


Creds, I mean, lol.


Looking great there. She'll be an old seasoned pro (just like Jeff!) by the time, the Japan trip rolls around.

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I JUST said to Sammi and Herb the other day.... "KidTums is just about the age Sammi was on her first PKI visit, there had better be some pictures soon...."


The first of many fun time for The Alveys I am sure!


Now, when is she going to see the Rodents?? That's what I am really waiting to see (and, when you do, don't let Jahan have the camera, OK?)


Happy First Theme Park Trip Kristen!




Oh, and I love the pro-choice shirt too!!

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Why all the hate, y'all?!?!


First of all, in that first picture I'm staring at Elissa's butt, which would explain the "mmmm...that looks tasty" face.


Second of all....*sigh*


Ok, so I thought I'd be nice and offer to take the "family picture". We get up to the costumed characters and we're next in line. And what happens? We get cut in front of. And we get cut in front of again. And again. All of these dumb-craps kept waltzing in front of us for a picture and the character "escort" wasn't doing anything to stop them! Just made some crack about punching KT! Literally about 5-minutes went by before we could take the picture.


By the time they finally get up to take the picture--truth be told--I had forgotten exactly what I was supposed to do!


I didn't see her in the viewfinder, she's so small! Maybe if she was flailing about violently, but asleep? Give me a break!





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