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  1. Like everyone else has said glad you are all ok............never a dull moment eh??!!
  2. 1. What are your initial thoughts? Would hope it dosent split the forum into paid and unpaid members with the unpaid members on the outside of the 'in' group 2. Can you think of anything else we could be offering? No 3. Is this something that interests you? Not really 4. Why would you NOT be interested in this? Casual user of the site, love the updates etc but wouldn't attend any events (would love to though!) haven't brought anything from shop and would probably only buy a dvd if i had been on that trip for hardcore members it sounds like an excellent idea 5. Any additional feedback you can give us based on the information you see here.
  3. Well done Robb, 20lb in 28 days is staggering, i am struggling with the same 4lbs since June lol! It goes on ....comes off...goes on Enjoy the cruise!
  4. My lame attempt Vivienne on Oblivion! (Vivienne westwood in case you dont know who she is) Vivienne on Oblivion
  5. 'Opening Spring 2009, SAW - The Ride. The world’s first ever horror movie themed rollercoaster will test the nerve of all who dare ride it as they subject themselves to be at the mercy of ‘Jigsaw’. The ultimate test will be a ‘beyond vertical’ drop of 100° from a height of 100ft, making it the steepest freefall drop in the world. Riders will also endure three inversions adding another dimension to a whole new experience of adrenaline-fuelled terror for thrill seekers' http://www.sawtheride.com/ (bits and pieces have been added to the site now) Obviously not a family ride then! Bit freaked out by the theme of this ride but Thorpe park isnt what i call a family park anyway so maybe it will fit in well, will watch and wait and see. Will people have to prove their age on the gate do you think, hopefully this will mean the themeing is pretty intense!
  6. I have to agree with you on that one, the restraints are awful and that is what casues all the pain!
  7. Ok just got back from Alton towers and had my last ride on corkscrew, we would have had more but it is bloody painful, my poor ears! Yes there is a little air time but you dont really notice as you are desperatly trying to protect your head from slamming against the restraints! The queue for this ride was the longest i have seen in the last few years and with a month to go today they are only going to get longer. Will be interesting to see if they remove it straight away or leave it standing, will be interesting!
  8. Cant say i will miss it, it is pure pain when riding! We are off to alton towers sunday for a whole week so will make sure i ride it once more before it goes. I remember going on it a year after it first opened!!! How old do i feel now!
  9. Thanks Is Discovery cove worth doing? If so any tips?? We have a lot to fit in in 7 days but with 13 days on the ship we can only manage another 7 days after that. We are thinking: Dicovery cove Bush gardens Disney (how many days do you think we will need for disney?) Anywhere else that is essential?
  10. The best prices for the park hotels is on the alton towers internet web site apparently, we are annual pass ticket holders and still got a better price on the internet, there are of course cheaper ways to stay butt he park hotels especially spach landings is fab! (we are staying there next week for the week) Have a wonderful trip! I am just planning our florida tour so i know how exciting planning the trip is
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