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KidTums is here! Kristen Taylor Alvey born 3/3/07

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Congrats To Rob And Elissa

I Had No Idea That Elissa Was Pregnant

She Didn't Get Fat Like Most People Did She If So Send Me Some Pictures At redlaser21@yahoo.com

Oh And Rob I Agree Elissa And Kidtums Are Hot Chicks (LOL)


Words cannot begin to describe how uncomfortable this post made me, and I'm not even involved in it.



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How often I have heard people say "I'll wait untill my kid is 7 - 8 - blah - before I go to Disneyland...."


My son was 6 weeks old for his first ride credit. You're never to young to go to a theme park....


I guess a first Kidtums coaster video special is in the making

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Better late than never right? Congratulation on Kristen and already riding Intamin rides my how fast they grow Elissa you look very happy or is that exhausted giddiness?


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I know I am late with this, but I was "away" for awhile. Craziness here for some time now... I couldnt go on my trip this year, and I just couldnt come on here b/c it made me very upset!! So anyhow... on to kidtums! SHE IS GEORGEOUS!!! CONGRATULATIONS!! I have to go back now, and check out all the stuff I have missed... I cant believe you guys came to SFGA too... grr.. lol. Thanks to you all... I am a Six Flags monster... well, Ive yet to ride ET and KK...but I finally got my butt on Nitro!! I guess I can post my trip ... but back to the reason Im posting on this subject... The baby is amazing... I cant wait for all the updates!

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It's been a while since we've given KidTums her own update...so here are a few pictures from her Gymboree Halloween Party that took place today!


But first a bit of backstory...


I had absolutely no desire to dress KT up for Halloween. All costumes for her age are either incredibly hot, incredibly itchy...and most of the time both! So I bought her a nice plain black Halloween Type dress and didn't think anything of it.


Then we're at Epcot, KT decides she hates Illuminations so we run into the store. In the store she falls in love with this Pink Princess Dress. She's tugging on it, trying to get undressed...so in this moment of weakness I hand the mouse $71 and buy the dress. We go to put it on to surprise everyone after Illuminations and she freaks out and won't wear it. Now I'm pissed! I chalk it up to a bad parenting decision and forget about it.


Fast forward to this week and I decide "Dammit, she's going to wear this since I paid for it!" Robb and I do a 'test run' this morning and she's not happy, but when she gets it on and looks in the mirror she likes it. She then proceeds to scream to get it off!


Two hours later we repeat the process but this time it must stay on for the Halloween Party...well it did! I think that her seeing everyone else in similar costumes made it okay. Luckily, no one else had her dress although there were quite a few Disney Princesses!


So here's a few pix!


Ok, at first this might not look like anything...but look carefully at the giant orange ball...it's not giant...KT milliseconds earlier had thrown it at my face! It hit me very soon after this photo was taken!


Her next favorite thing is definitely Bubbles! For anyone who likes bubbles, I highly recommend buying some of the Gymboree brand bubbles. They're amazing!!!!


Did I mention she really likes the bouncing thing?


This is some crazy bouncing thing that KT waited in line three times for...she even nearly showed patience!


But then her boyfriend James shows up, they do the freeze dance, and all is well again!


So we get to Gymboree, and she's a little hesitant at first.

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She is just beautful... I love every picture you post and can tell from them she has a great personality.


As for the dress...welcome to the world of parenting a little girl. Friday night, Samantha had her first "social" at school. Basically, it was 600 5th grade girls and boys runnng amok at a carnival without their parents (although there were tons of parent volunteers). At 4:30 I pick her up from school and ask her what she is going to wear. She informs me that she thinks she will wear what she has on (a mismatched ensemble of a pale blue long sleeve waffle fabric -think long underwear-and a pair of summer shorts). I suggest perhaps jean-she decides she will wear the casual dress that she wore for school pictures. 15 minutes later we are in Kohls so I can pick up a dress I need for a wedding I was going to this weekend. She comes up to me with a black, sleeveless, satin pleated dress with gold sequin belt. I tell her that she doesn't need a dress like this right now because she has no where to wear it to. She informs me that she will wear it that night. I tell her it's a carnival not Homecoming or Prom. She gets pissed and pouts for 1/2 hour. Good times.

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