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KidTums is here! Kristen Taylor Alvey born 3/3/07

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^^LOL! One of the instructors was dressed as Hannah Montana...it was honestly kind of creepy!


I've decided that adults really shouldn't dress up...and if they do, it should be at an adults only party!


Thanks for all the kind words...this whole toddler thing has certainly been interesting so far!

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Kristen is so cute and her Halloween costume is awesome.


I agree with Elissa that there are few things adults should dress up as, a fifteen year old girl is defiantly not an adult costume. They can be either witches(no face paint just black and a hat), on sports teams, or in like the army or something





Most disturbing costume ever last year. A man showed up at my friends house wearing footed pajamas and a huge fake cloth diaper.


OMG Now those huge overweight babies you see on Maury totally freak me out after seeing that guy.

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Ok, at first this might not look like anything...but look carefully at the giant orange ball...it's not giant...KT milliseconds earlier had thrown it at my face! It hit me very soon after this photo was taken!


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She looks beautiful. I love seeing updates with KT in them. I have 2 boys (10 and 8) and a little girl who's 3. My boys always loved getting dressed up for halloween which was great but i secretly always longed for a girl to dress up! I have bought her all sorts of outfits and she hates them, wears them for about 30 seconds then wants to take them off!! The only thing she will dress up in is my 8 year olds Buzz Lightyear outfit!! Hardly what i had in mind for her!!

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Unless you do it right.


That was part of one my old costumes a few years back! It was a baby on the back of a old woman... it was the most ridiculous thing you've ever seen! When I started dancing (crazily of course) it caused people to belly laugh. I have a video segment of it that is a complete mess.


I got lots of compliments on it, btw. Did nothing for date potentials though.


Anyway, KT looks cute in the pics. I also had to giggle at the nametags on everyone's backs; guess they didn't want them to tear it off!


I agree, she looks less like Robb every time I see her.




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