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KidTums is here! Kristen Taylor Alvey born 3/3/07

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KidTums Update!!!!

New photos:

KidTums' Adventure in the NICU!

KidTums Goes to Six Flags Magic Mountain!

KidTums Goes to Florida!

KidTums Halloween Party 2008



Hello TPR members!


Elissa and I bring you all some good news! Kristen Taylor Alvey aka "KidTums" is here!


We are still at the hospital but we wanted to share the news.


Kristen Taylor Alvey born 3/3/07 at 15:58 weighing in at 5lbs. 7oz. Elissa unexpectedly went into labor early Saturday afternoon and Kristen popped out less than 4 hours later. Trust me, all the nurses were just as shocked as we were! There wasn't even enough time for Elissa to get the really good drugs!


Elissa and KidTums are both doing AWESOME!


We will post more photos as soon as possible, but for now, please see below.


For those of you who have been asking, there is still plenty of stuff on her registry if you want to get Kristen something. We are registered at http://www.target.com and http://www.babiesrus.com, just log into the baby registry section and search for "Elissa Alvey". There are still plenty of little things left and of course we could always use plenty of diapers, too!


I will post a bigger update as soon as we get home.


--Robb, Elissa, and KidTums!


One happy Alvey Family! Robb, Elissa, & Kristen (KidTums)


Elissa and KidTums are doing just fine!


Now that is one hot chick! ;)


Kristen looks up at dad for the first time "Pleaes don't eat me!!!" =)


Back to eating "Elissa Friendly Food!" Things are almost normal again!


"$5 and you can ride Jr. Gemini with her!" =)


Penguin & Yeti Ball welcome their new room mate!


Yay! Elissa gets to go home!


If Elissa is a "MILF" does this make her mom a "GrandMILF?"


Yup! It's a KidTums!


"Yeti Ball....meet KidTums!"


"Grrrr....what is that creature that I see?"


Thanks Cameron! You are now officially "KidTums' first fanboy!" =)


The guys at work knew exactly what to get her (err....me!)


Kristen says "Thanks for the cookies (dad, you can eat them!)" =)


Hospital Bill comes in for giving birth - $15!!!! KidTums, you were a cheap date! =)


Elissa deep in labor, but she's got TPR with her the whole time! =)


"I'm crushing your head! I'm crushing your head!"


A few more pics from the hospital.


Elissa and KidTums about 10 minutes after she was born. (She still has that newborn cheese all over her face!)


Both and Elissa and KidTums crashed out!


Since she's a preemie, she gets extra special lights to keep her free from jaundice. IMO, she looks like something out Tron! =)


Back at home, KidTums and mom crashed out again! A night out to dinner was just too wild for them!


That's right, I get to have dinner with TWO hot chicks! =)


Her first restaurant - Indian! Just a bit of Chicken Tikka and some Garlic Naan for KidTums please!


KidTums is already for her first big night on the town! Cute? Hell yeah! ;)


Elissa and KidTums still doing well!


Maybe it's not such a good idea to have Wes touch her.....hmm....


Yeah, you can tell she's a party animal! She's already passed out!


KidTums, Elissa, and GrandMILF make an appearance at the Post Bash Party!

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I'm so happy I'm feel like I'm gonna explode! (yes, weird but seriously that is how i feel when i get extremely happy) I don't even remember the last time i felt so happy. But damn, i had to got and blow $137 on a train! *remembers something* Oh shoot! I still have $43! I am soo buying Kidtums something!!!!!

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thanks for the kind words! it was a crazy delivery and robb almost missdd her birth. i will try and post more when i'm up to it.


btw she was just 35weeks 6 days but is perfectly healthy


No wonder it caught me by suprise! I looked at the calender and just freaked out! But congratulations on everything being okay! Best wishes to you!

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Congratulations! Jahan told me and I was going to call but I was sure that you two had gone through enough and needed a rest. I hope all goes well with you Elissa and lets hope the stay at the hospital is very short.


EDIT: You look so much like a family in that pic, congrats once again.


...but is that after birth in the cup on the table?

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CONGRATS! Now the real fun starts. I may not be a parent but I've more or less raised 2 kids so I've got plenty of stories, haha.


Glad to hear everything's fine, hopefully the arguments about what KidTums' first credit will be don't get too heated!

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