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KidTums is here! Kristen Taylor Alvey born 3/3/07

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"KidTums' Adventure in the NICU!"


So some of you might have noticed that we haven't posted much about KidTums in the past week or so and that's because she's been sick.


GOOD NEWS! She's back at home and she's MUCH better now!


So now that everything is doing much better, I now bring you "KidTums' Adventure in the NICU" (That's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for those of you who are not educated in the ways of baby hospitals!)


Penguin: I'm so close, almost there! Lunch Time!!!

Yeti Ball: Hurry up Robb's coming!

Penguin: I can't reach!

We are all VERY happy to have Kristen back home with us!!!


See! Just look at her! She's TOTALLY INSANE!!!! (KidTums agrees!)


Elissa is in the wheel chair because she was admitted to the mental institution!


No, no...it means that KidTums is going home to mom and dad!!!


"Time to make some money selling KidTums on Ebay!!!"


The nurse cuts her hospital band! You know what that means.....


KidTums is thinking "Hmmm...I miss Penguin and Yeti Ball. I think it's time to go home!"


"NO Robb!!! DO NOT EAT THE BABY!!! We'll get you a sandwich or some chicken fajitas..."


She's back to eating just like Robb!


Yay! She's out of the bubble! She's doing much better and will be home soon!


Wow! Kristen sure is popular here! She's got all kinds of books and stuff written about her!


No Barry! No more photos please!!!


"This reminds me of something out of E.T."


These are very normal things that happen to preemie babies. (She still looks VERY cute!)


Mommy is bummed, but she's doing well. At least now KidTums seems "in the clear" and will be just fine.


But yet she still grabs for her blanket!


She's warm and cozy in her temperature controller environment!


She does look pretty comfy in there!


"Isolette?" I wonder how many NICU babies end being being named this! :)


For the first few days KidTums held the starring in the role of "girl in a plastic bubble"


After spending about 5 hours in the ER, they admitted her to the NICU so she could get all better!


You guys may remember KidTums! Well a few days ago, she got sick. :( Basically, she just stopped responding. Was very lathargic and wasn't eating...

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Any visit to neonatal is scary, but I'm glad KT's doing fine now! She is as adorable as ever.

You're telling me, when I used to volunteer at the hospital making rounds of deliveries to various nurse stations, it felt kind of creepy going in to Neonatal seeing babies just a few days old in machines.


Glad KT is okay and cute as ever!

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Oh man, I'm sooo sorry you guys had to go through that! I was getting choked up looking at her photos in the bubble


We were preparing for our twins to have to be in the NICU, but luckily, they went to 37 weeks. Whew! That must've been stressful. Well, now it's time to get that lil' girl home and fatten her up!!!


So glad she's home now, and can't wait to meet her in a few months!


G "Robb's future son-in-law...?" Money

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I saw the Hearing Evaluation! Hope she could hear or gone Deaf like me! Hope all is well! Glad to hear that KidTums doing well!


Way to go KidTums! You're breaking the balls of the preemis era! Soon it will be over hopefully!


Robb, please do not sell Kidtums on eBay! SharkTums needs her!


Anyway... enough of my soapbox here. Have a good day!

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Good to hear that Kristen got through her ordeal. Unfortunately, those who enter the world before they're supposed to often have minor problems. But she'll come through just fine.


"She's back to eating just like Robb!"


What, Robb drinks out of a baby bottle?



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Who is this Barry Robb mentioned in the PTR?


I remember when my nephew was a few days old too. I was so scared to hold him because he looked so fragile. He cried when I held him too. I guess it must be my hands. Robb cried when I held him a while ago.

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LMAO Ryan. Anyway, glad Kitums is doing better! She's the cutest thing I have ever seen! She must have her moms looks .

why did your ass detach itself while you were laughing? You might want to get that checked out, I think it might be hernia, or something.


Glad to hear Kidtums is alright, though.

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