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KidTums is here! Kristen Taylor Alvey born 3/3/07

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"Hospital Bill comes in for giving birth - "


I love it!



Man, this child is in for some serious memories already taken, photo-shopped and catalogued for the little young'un...


Scary but happily true.


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:lmao: Oh my god.... the last couple of photos... more for the "Kidtums' Photo Album of Horrors" experience when she grows up.


she doesnt need to know how much it cost to birth her!


HA! We saved the "super-bill" from our son's birth and NICU stay, as a joke to remind him to behave as he grows up or we'd let him get reposessed... That bill was just under $225,000, and that was just for the first two and a half months.



Congratulations to the Alvey family on a healthy baby and delivery. She's adorable!

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Even though I'm a bit late, I wanted to say I'm glad to hear is all well in the Alvey household. Congratulations to all three of you guys, and the rest of your families & friends.






In honor of your awesome photo captions about Kristen:


I couldn't help myself so I had to open Photoshop up.


The Birth of GlowTums (Yes I'm a major Tron geek. Aren't we all?)

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Some new KidTums photos posted to page 1.


We took KidTums out to her first restaurant tonight, and we went for Indian curry!!!


Way to start her out with the spicy stuff!


Anyway, enjoy the new pics.



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Nice new pics...Gotta love Indian food, whatever the occasion.


Man, this is making me remember when my sister came along...I was 11 when she was born, so I have a lot of vivid memories of seeing her right after the birth...it still seems like it was only yesterday.


Well, now she's 15, and in the middle of her first year of high school...She gets a bit testy at times, and takes forever to get out of bed in the morning, but she's also got a ton of friends, and is a very sharp straight-A student. Treasure the time you have now with little Kristen, because I guarantee, you're gonna look at her one of these days, and suddenly realize that she grew rather quickly, hehe.


One nice thing I can tell you, is that my sister easily developed a love for coasters and thrill rides, thanks to me as an influence, so I'm absolutely positive that Kristin's gonna pick it up too someday. Be careful though...just as my sister has dragged me onto rides I've not been too comfy around, Kristin may one day drag you onto another Togo death machine.

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