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KidTums is here! Kristen Taylor Alvey born 3/3/07

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The only reason your beautiful girl is a preemie is because she couldn't wait a minute longer to ride a rollercoaster!


You guys did an awesome job!


See you at the bash! I am really looking forward to meeting you all in person!





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A somewhat late congrats to Robb and Elissa...and welcome to this crazy place we called earth to Kristen.


Hope all is well, although Elissa has made my better half jealous, 4hrs? Poor Lj had to go through 14hrs for our first son, who's "Star Wars" birthday party we have been busy planing for the 22nd of March, with sleep over.....I must be mad.


Best wishes again to the Alvey family and we will see if we can send a traditional aussie gift for Kristen....heheh.


P.S...Did I mention that I have the upmost respect for women after my wife dislocated my thumb while in labour, she was happy after that I also was in pain....

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Hey all...a very belated congrats on ur gorgeous little girl...glad u had a good labour, though next time u better live at a hospital as they get shorter (mine went from 14hrs to 4hrs)...happy mum and bub are doing well...and dad looks mighty proud....have fun and enjoy her...they grow up too fast

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Sorry, I'm so late. How early was she?

Our new daughter Rylee was born on 2/2/07 and yourd 3/3/07 kind funny.


Congrats on the new baby girl!!!


Bret and Family


If Im not mistaken, Im sure she was born at around 35 weeks


I was a prem baby too! I was 9 weeks early, Gave my parents a bit of a fright but here I am almost 20 years later

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Congrats to the whole family! Kristen is gorgeous! My cousin just had a baby and we have 2 more due in the family over the next month. I have baby fever sooooo bad!


My oldest son was a preemie at 31 weeks and weighed 4lbs 8oz (he was big for his gestation LOL!) . I'd forgotten how small that was until I saw the picture of Robb holding Kristen. Sure brought back a lot of memories. He's 7 now and begging to go on his first "grownup" coaster.


Elissa, are you going stir crazy not being able to take her anywhere yet??? My son was born December 2nd, right smack dab in the middle of flu and RSV season, so the pediatrician had forbidden us to take him anywhere out in public until almost April! He spent Christmas Eve and Day in a bedroom away from the rest of our visiting family. A trip to the grocery store alone felt like I'd been paroled after being stuck in the house for so long! LOL



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:lmao: Oh my god.... the last

HA! We saved the "super-bill" from our son's birth and NICU stay, as a joke to remind him to behave as he grows up or we'd let him get reposessed... That bill was just under $225,000, and that was just for the first two and a half months.



I feel ya on that one! Our son was 2 months premature and we were told to expect a 2 month stay, but he showed us right off the bat that he was going to have trouble following rules and came home in 17 days! His bill for 17 days came to $175,000. I cannot imagine if he'd had to stay 2 months. Home health for the heart monitor and physical therapy came to $10,000! THANK GOD, I had signed up with AFLAC for intensive care insurance just a month before. We recieved a check for $13K within a week of his discharge from the NICU. We used that to pay for me to be out of work for 8 months until the Dr. cleared him to go to daycare.


Seven years later we are STILL paying on what our insurance didn't pay. We've used the reposession threat also!


So, Robb, you came out really well on that deal! LOL

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