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Coolest station you've seen

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I can't pick just one, so here are some of the best...


-Indiana Jones Adventure, Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion, Splash Mountain, and Space Mountain at Disneyland (best of the best at Disneyland Resort)


-Dragon at Legoland California (also decently themed)


-Revenge of the Mummy at Universal Studios Hollywood (see above)


-Batman The Ride at various Six Flags Parks (they're all about the same, and they're good by Six Flags Standards)


-Untamed at Canobie Lake Park (very nicely decorated)


-Wooden Warrior at Quassy Amusement Park (simple yet effective)


-Flight of Fear at Kings Dominion (It's really creepy to see the train launch and then an empty train pulls in behind it)


Honorable mention goes to Riddler's Revenge, as it would be on the list if the bent rows didn't disqualify it. Outside of Disney, Riddler's Revenge wins the award for best station music/audio.

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I'm kinda surprised no one's mentioned Wicked Twister yet. Both in architecture (simplistic yet graceful and effective) and location (right on the CP beachfront), I think it's one of the better stations. Plus, the lack of a drop floor results in a number of great footchoppers as you shoot through the station.

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Some favorites:


- New Texas Giant. It has all these cool cadillacs all over, one of which flashes its headlights and honks everytime a train dispatches. Also the "chicken coop" which is a waiting area for non-riders, and makes chicken noises everytime someone goes in, is a fun touch.


some NTAG station pics


Another one that I thought was really impressive given that it was where it was, was the Dungeon Drop queue/station at Astroworld. Awesome themeing and great sound effects/music. I miss it!


Dungeon Drop

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You've been to South Africa, how cool is that! I bet that's a credit even Robb and Elissa don't have (correct me if I'm wrong). That coaster looks great and has great landscaping around it.

Yeah! It was a great trip I took with a mission's group in '07. I saw the park on RCDB and got all excited when I found out that it was in the city we were going to, but by the time we were in the country, I gave up on going to the park because we were so busy. But then the missionary we were with surprised us on the last day of the trip and took us there. That was one of the longest, slowest-moving lines I ever remember being in, but we played circle games in line and even got some of the other people in line to join in with us. I really loved the theming of this coaster and I've never seen theming like it since (though I think there are some Busch gardens parks that I've heard has great theming like this).


One weird thing about going to the park that kinda put South Africa into perspective.... most of the people we saw in our ten days were African, but at the park almost everyone was white. I'm guessing it's probably because of the huge difference in money-class between the whites and the Africans. Most of the Africans struggle to feed their families, let alone go to the amusement park. It's really sad.

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I have tp go and say something not really known. Linnunrata (the milky way) at linnanmäki in Finland. I think it's the best space coaster in the world, even tho space mountain mission 2 has a good effect because of loop and the launch, but i think linnunrata has the best theming. Also i think the original space mountains have too slow uphills, and theres like only supports on the inside of the hall. Makes no sense. So here come cool pics of Linnunrata

that's the first queue area outside. (it's a big brick building because it was originally just a water tower.)


that's the queue from the inside. It continues like this for long. (sorry found no pic, its really cool with infinite mirrors and illusions and a lot of space theme)

Station in the inside! It's quite cool and before it leaves, the lights go off and lights in the hole it goes thru blink and then there is a speech saying in english: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, we have lift off. It's all in english. It's really awesome there are blinking lights in the first lift (it has two lifts) (i found no better pic)



Some first hill!



That's some theming inside. It's much better in other parts, this is from one of the last curves which is not that good scenery only because you see the top. But it earlier goes thru satellites and stuff.



This is a lights on off the last piece (brakes) Right before the station. It's nearly a part of the station tho. There's a speech here saying: Thank you for riding galactic express.

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^That's a cool-looking coaster. Can you describe the ride experience?


Thanks! i ride it every year! It's a real nice experience, you start off with by the employees checking your bracelet or ticket. Then you can walk through the amazing themed queue area. After that you arrive at the station with even more space themed music. Then the train comes to the station, gates open and you're in! Then you just lower down the lapbar until it locks and then wait for the employee to check it. Then the lights go off. A moment of excitement, and a cool countdown and we have lift off! The rocket themed trains leave the station to the lift at a high speed and then you fall through a curve! The first fall has a TON of speed and g force, it feels faster than nearly any coaster even though it's not actually that fast! You sour through planets, asteroids and satellites with stars in the backround and a second lift! And another cool experience! Then after a few hills and turns its the last curve to the brakes! Glowing text on wall and a speech: "Thank you for riding galactic express" then it waits and then you are back at the station! Harness goes off and you are free to go!


It's an amazing experience.

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Despite the mixed views the actual ride gets - it's still got a unique and 'cool' station.


"If you go down to the woods today.."


Despite the mixed reactions this ride gets - I still think it looks unique and the station is themed well.


Working Tesla coil in the station. A mysterious girls voice counts up to the number 13... 1...2... she gets to 13 and the Telsa turns on ... Needless to say this has scared a lot of unexpecting guests.

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I really love Magnum XL-200's station! Verbolten and Batman-the Ride (SFGAm) have amazing stations as well! I have never been on Juvelen or Piraten, but their stations look amazing too!

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