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Have You Ever Worked At An Amusement/Theme Park?

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i've been wondering i would work at theme parks but looks like lots of

japanese parks don't let you guys if you're sort of under 20.....


if i'm going to do that thing, i would really wanna get big thrills operated

in my whole power, making sure i'll get an attention to safety thingy.

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SFOT 1995 - 1999


1995 Worked Spain Rides (Bobsled, Conquistador, El Hat, Log Flume)

1996 Strike Force (walked half the park sweeping, no bathroom/patio duties), Chameleon

1997 Splashdown, Cliffhangar

1998 Looney Tunes, Front Gate P/S, Dive Bobmer Alley

1999 Dive bomber Alley


Zero Gravity 2000,2001, and 2003

SkyCoaster, Bunjee Jump, Blastoff, Nothin But Net, and Skyscraper

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Off and on....


Disneyland: Village Haus, mostly.


Knott's Berry Farm: Haunted Shack, Calico Mine Ride, "The Big Train," and GhostRider.


Cedar Point: Millennium Force, mostly.


Islands of Adventure: Ripsaw Falls, River Adventure, Spider-Man, Popeye & Bluto's, Doctor Doom/Storm Force, Flying Unicorn & Dueling Dragons.


Discovery Cove: Guest Services

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I spent one day of pure hell as an area host in Old Virginia at King's Dominion in 1994. Basically, I cleaned up pee for five and a half hours, took a short break to gulp down some old rubbery pizza then went back to empty trash cans for another five hours.


The only upside was that I had a couple of hours to kill before my ride was supposed to show up so I got to go ride Hurler, which was brand new and really fun that year. Then my ride never showed up so I had to hitch a ride back to Richmond with the last security guard who left that night. So I was there from 7:30am until about 1:45am. I did not return to the park at all for a couple of years, I was so scarred.

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I worked at Disneyland Paris in 2000-2001. I was trained and alternated between Space Mountain and Star Tours. Boooo Mission 2!


I then worked one summer at La Ronde in 2002, as a lead park cleaner. It was ok, as I had the least busy area of the park. Seriously, there was 3 rides and one show in my whole area! But, it changed in 2006 when they built Goliath in that area. Schedule was wacky too... 12.5 hours shift on a strange 2 weeks schedule... One week I'd work monday-tuesday, off wednesday-thursday, then work friday-saturday-sunday. The other week, it would be the opposite!


In 2002-2003... I was hired on the WDW international program as a Guest Relations cast member at Epcot.

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So I was there from 7:30am until about 1:45am. I did not return to the park at all for a couple of years, I was so scarred.


In '05, the day before CoasterMania at CP, I had to work 7:30am-1:30pm & and 6:00pm-11:30pm. Then the next day I had to be at work at 4:30am until 6:00pm. That's 19 hours of work in 24 hours. Pure hell.

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Worked at Knoebels during the summers of 1988 through 1994.


1988-1990: Playland Arcade

1991: Kiddie Rides

1992: Flyer, Roto Jets, Cosmotron, Paratroopers, Tea Cups, Tilt-A-Whirl, Haunted Mansion, Antique Cars, Grand Carousel, Whipper, Motor Boats, Bumper Boats, Merry Mixer and Balloon Race. Worked as break person during the weekdays.

1993: All the rides listed above, and the Whirlwind.

1994: Whirlwind, as well as the rides listed above during slow days.


1996: Worked at Darien Lake while it was a Premier Park- running rides in Popeye's Seaport.

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PGA Race Games 2001-2003, Top Gun / Delta Flyer ops 2004


Disneyland 2006-Present, Fantasyland Classics (all the small rides except Storybook), Matterhorn, and Small World.


I prefer Matterhorn cause the day goes by so fast and downtimes are outrageous events of pushing sleds out of brake zones to hopefully make it over brake zones that are HIGHER. Gotta love the issues in adding 11 brake zones to a ride originally designed to not have any. If you ever see a full cycle-out of that ride, it's an incredible chorus of beeping, narrating a great ballet of transfer tables and people shoving 2000 pound trains uphill, very very quickly. Super stressful, super rewarding as an operations experience. Big change from Top Gun which had like 3 buttons and was impossible to break down.


I do loathe seatbelts though...

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Cedar Point in 2004 and 2005


2004: Mantis, Iron Dragon and Peanuts Playground/Ocean Motion/Chaos

2005: Peanuts Playground/Ocean Motio/Chaos


I applied for a leadership position, and I got a call from one of the Managers about it, but I decided not to go for a third season because there was too much going on for me at home. I sometimes wish I could go back agian, but there many reasons not to. Like when North Carolina wants me to pay them $250 income tax for money I did not make in their state. Oh well.


For anyone thinking about doing it, it can be a great time or a bad time, it just depends on how you take it. I would not change anything about my two years there, especially since I met the girl I am about to marry in July there!

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I can't believe that I never saw this thread...


September 9, 2001-March 3, 2004: SFMM


Rides I was based at in order:


Buccaneer/Swashbuckler/Granny Gran Prix/Sierra Twist

Batman: The Ride


Buccaneer/Swashbuckler/Granny Gran Prix/Sierra Twist (as a lead)

Tidal Wave (as a lead)

Freefall (as a lead)

Jet Stream (as a lead)

Superman: The Escape (as a lead)

Flashback (as a lead)

Log Jammer (as a lead)


During that time, I was also a certified ride op at Revolution, Ninja, All of BBW (north and south), Orient Express, and Riddler's Revenge (in addition to all the rides I was based at) and I was a ride attendant at every other ride in the park.


They were going to make me an area trainer the day that I turned in my 2 week notice to leave to go work for Apple, Inc. but, obviously, that didn't happen.

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Hmmm........seems that Phishy came and worked on the same crew as me, but before/after I had left for the season, since I don't remember him.


I worked at Cedar Point 2000-2001


2000 White Water Landing (May only)

2000 Raptor (June-August)

2001 Raptor (all sumer)


Oh, and I also went over and worked at Chaos/Troika/Super Himalaya for a week in 2000 because they were short staffed and we were over staffed at WWL. I switched crews because of the lack of hours and how boring it was. And I did various days on the Antique Cars and Snake River Falls.


In 01, I covered a few shifts at Sky Ride, Blue Streak, Power Tower, and Disaster Transport.

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I worked at Idlewild Park during the summers of '92 thru '95. The first three years I was in food service working at the Italian place. I was happy enough there and we had enough fun that I didn't want to risk moving to rides and not liking it as much. My final year I had an office job in the "money room" counting money and doing some accounting. The pay was better but I missed being out in the park atmosphere all day.

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