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  1. I wish I could say I have a video of the transfer track at Flashback. It was an elevator, since the station track was the transfer track and it would lower the train under the station. However, when I worked at SFMM, I didn't have a phone that had video recording on it.
  2. ^ The 2nd picture of Orange shows off the color a bit more than the first one. It is actually a bit deeper shade of orange, much like how the red is. It's very pretty. I can't wait to see Purple!
  3. ^ Seriously. You wasted your first post on this? Well, I guess I'm proud of you...? Welcome to TPR!
  4. No...It was Monorail Orange. They had it running a few empty cycles in the morning when the park opened, and then we saw it running empty at around 4:30ish as we were leaving too...
  5. Believe it or not, if it has anything to do with NASCAR or racing the week of a race...It's the place to be. I heard that the Cafe actually makes the majority of it's year just in the week of the race...
  6. That was totally by chance too...I was down there meeting someone to pick up a present for a friend. I originally thought it was a plane taking off but just happened to turn around and see the ride cycling. There was some activity in the station, but it looked like mechanics inspecting the train.
  7. The girl (WaterCopH2O...She's new...) and I are both registered... Looking forward to this year! Last year was awesome!
  8. You would compromise the slab if you were to do that. Much like a house with a post-tension slab, you don't really cut into it because you would lose your tension. I'm assuming the same would happen here and we'd have Psyclone: Salvation instead of Terminator: Salvation.
  9. I still think we should take my Jeep down there and liberate it...
  10. Also, it's not like they can't change their mind after to reopen the rides AFTER 12am if they feel they can. Besides, like Robb said, there's alway next year.
  11. ^ Well, of course it'll go for more than $35 million...I was just saying, there's plenty of money to purchase the park...
  12. So...Here's a question for y'all... If a group were to come in with the proposed $35 million for the auction and a team that was VERY experienced in the theme park industry, would you all be willing to give the park a 2nd chance? I only ask because I know of a company that is interested in purchasing the park and re-opening it. The guys that run it are all from other theme parks (and were responsible for making said parks what they are today) and also have a positive, established relationship with both the owners of the Hard Rock brand and the government of SC (from previous proje
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