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Whats Shoes do you wear?


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I wear brown ones to work, white ones when I'm at the gym, and flip flops when I'm bored.


I have a pair of what's called 'Allton' cap-toe oxford shoes I got from Banana Republic, that luckfully I didn't pay for, because I'd rather get some payless shoes for work.


I have pair of New Balance sneakers for when I go to the gym, or wear shorts, than I have a pair of really comfortable loafers for regular day stuff. God bless those loafers, they been with me 6 years now, and still going strong.

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I normally don't have more than one pair of shoes at a time, but the Etnies outlet had a deal, so I have 3 pairs at the moment.


I have a pair of black shoes, black and gray shoes, and brownish shoes.


I pretty much only wear the black and gray ones. They were the most expensive, and thats what allowed me to get the other 2 pairs for cheep.

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I have a ton of skate shoes cuz i do skate so here they are





1 screwed up pair of vans (black)...its a long story, but one is have frozen in my pond


like 3 pairs of etnies in tna, balck, brown


one pair of black convers.




a couple of addidas and some new balance


FLIP FLOPS (from before i moved to NE)





and some VOLCOMS

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At this specific moment, I'm wearing Magnum Elite side-zip tactical assault boots (yup, I'm at work), but at home I also have a pair of Ozark Trail hiking boots and a pretty basic pair of Converse sneakers (sadly, no, they're not from the classic Chuck Taylor line)...wait, are they even Converse? I don't even know, come to think of it.

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