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Whats Shoes do you wear?

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I currently wear khaki American Eagle flip-flops most of the time, but whenever I must wear tennis shoes I wear blue & red Polo shoes, and I have black and silver Nikes for Marching Band rehearsals. I also have black and brown dress shoes but only wear them when I have to.

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I mostly wear Converse low-tops, but I do occasionally slip into some slip-ons or flippy floppies. Anything that allows me to not wear socks.


My favorite to wear right now are a pair of Chucks that I found at the Ross Dress For Less in my town. They're a really dark blue, with three other shades of blue rubber and like nine shoelace holes on each side. Quite comfy and different from the standard Chuck Taylor.

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Its a toss up between two pairs of boots:


Dr. Marten 50th Anniversary 8-Eyelet Boot


Jeffery Campbell Wedge. (for more formal/fashionable occasions... and for some extra height)


And a pair of Black Havanas for the summer. (i've had mine for 3 summers now, and they are still kickin'; best $18 i've ever spent.)

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Just got some $20 skate shoes, a large handful of slip-ons (Vans, Skechers, some offbrands, Crocs slipons which are amazingly comfy and don't look hideous, Converse laceless lowtops) and some sandals for those excessively hot days and when visiting the waterpark.

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Size 11 Vans Skate Shoes. They're all I've worn for the better part of two years and they're still in perfect shape and still very comfortable (despite being put through numerous park trips, being underwater multiple times, and having been chewed repeatedly by dogs). I love em.

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