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What Books Do You Read

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I recently read the new Series of morbid moments- the penutlimate peril. It was a good read, and WAY better than Grim Grotto. Only ONE left in the series! I can't wait!!!!!


Morbid Moments?? i was under the impression they were called Unfortunate Events... hmm...


Anyway, i might as well start there, i LOVE The series of Unfortunate events books, ive read numbers 1-10, I wanted to get number 11, never got around to it though. Sadly i really don't have the time to read it anymore, i used to read in homeroom, where i sat far away from everyone else (i wasn't exactly on great terms with the teacher) i have since chaged homerooms beacuse i would **sorta** cus out my teacher when he was being an ass (ahem, ALL THE TIME) . anyhoo, my new homeroom i can actually talk to people and we are all already reading the same book, so i dont have my reading period anymore.


I also enjoyed the Harry Potter series, i've read 1-6 and thought they were great! great enough to make me get only about 4 hours of sleep before school started the next day, everyday i regreted it!

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^^you're 14 and you CUSS OUT TEACHERS?????????!!!!!!!



wow, no offense, but my dad's a teacher, and they don't exactly like direspectful kids (sure ypur teacher may have been an ass, but does that give you the right to be an ass back?) There are some teachers that I'd like to yell at/ cuss at, but it is a horrible thing do do, and I can't imagine someone actually doing that.


As for the Morbid Moments, it was a play on each title of the books: Bad Beginning, Reptile Room, Wide Window, all the way up to Penultimate Peril.


The 11th was ok, but the 12th was waaay better

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I finished The Areas Of My Expertise by John Hodgman and Fargo Rock City by Chuck Klosterman. I'm currently reading Everything Bad Is Good For You by Stephen Johnson.


I'm probably gonna go pick up another book this weekend, I have to do an IV on Monday that takes five hours.

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I am reading the final book, in a series of "historical" books about the Broadway Musical Theater. Mostly all observation, but with some plum unknown trivia about certain shows int he past.


All books written by Ethan Mordden.


The one I am currently on is:


The Happiest Corpse I've Ever Seen

'The last 25 years of the Broadway Musical'

(from the 1980s to 2003/4)


Others read by same author:


One More Kiss

The Broadway Musical in the 1970's




Open A New Window

The Broadway Musical in the 1960's

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Right now I'm reading Paradise Lost, which is awful.


...And thanks to my fantastic procrastination skills, I just finished an 80 question packet that was given to us 3 weeks ago. Started at about 10:00, just finished. Now all I have left is a research paper next weekend



Last week I have started a new book! "Lost City" from Clive Cussler, my favorite author!




I read something from him back in like the 7th or 8th grade. I think it was called Atlantis Found and it just came out. I remember it being pretty good, although my all time favorite non-school assigned book would probably be Utopia by Lincoln Child. I definately recommend that to any Coaster Enthusiast who likes to read.

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I just finished Of Mice and Men in English, and it turned out great. Although the ending wasn't a "Happily Ever After."


I dont normally just sit down at home and read, I have only read 3 books on my own. Recently I picked up a book I found on a shelf and started to read it. It's Wish You Well by David Baldacci. So far I'm on page 315 of 370, and I'm suprised I've read this far without giving up.


I need to read more often.

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This morning at 3 am I finished my big research paper on Paradise Lost, so now I'm reading some play. Unfortunatly I was a tad sleepy in class today so I don't remember what it's called


Has anyone seen that Pirates of the Caribbean book about how it went from a concept to a ride to a movie? I saw it on Amazon and I was wondering if it's any good.

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I'm currently reading Wicked. This is a very cool concept for a precursor to OZ.


You should listen to the musical of it, too!


(shameless Broadway Cast CD plug HERE)






Amazing show I hear, and quite true to the book, too, which is great!


What I wouldn't have given to see this, WITH the original cast...

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