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What Was The Last Coaster You Rode?

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I earned three new credits today:


Flight of Fear: KD

Taxi Jam: KD

Joker's Jynx: SFA


The last coaster I rode was the Wild One at SFA. I fear for anyone else who is planning to visit SFA in the next few weeks. I had my absolute worst theme park visit today at that park.


Up to #243 Nicole!


I hate you. I love Flight of Fear!! Does Joker's Jinx or whatever it's called have OTSRs still?


What was so bad about your day at SFA?


I was very lucky that I got Joker's Jynx as it broke for the rest of the day after three train runs (I have finally cleared the park). Oh, I also think that Joker's Jynx is quite a bit better than either Flight of Fear's. Yeah, it also do not have OTSR, as well as no MCBR! Basically ride operations/staff were very very poor on Saturday. I have no idea if this is the usual case at SFA on opening day. We watched Batwing dispatch three trains (two with actual people) in 50 minutes, and they had no idea how to run the Flash Pass line on Superman. During our 50 minute wait in the flash pass line, they dispatched around 7 trains (Only Blue train was running). The first train we saw was with normal riders, the 2nd was all flash pass riders. The 3rd, fourth, and fifth, were all normal riders. While the 6th and 7th, were all normal riders with 4 flash pass holders. I should also tell you that there were around 50 people in the flash pass line, with around 25 of them in front of us. So we gave up and went to ride Wild One (Which was awesome as always). We were in the park from around 5:15-8:00. In that time Will was only able to earn one credit. If you are planning to go to this park make sure you go to Batwing first thing, then over to Superman. Anyways, back to the topic of this thread:


Last coaster ridden: Nitro SFGadv.


Two new credits: #244 El Toro, #245 Runaway Train.

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^Erik, you will have to let us know what you thought of El Toro.


I have yet to ride a coaster or even go on any kind of ride this year, my last coaster was the Intamin half pipe Surfrider at Wet and Wild - Gold Coast, Australia on 24th December 2007.

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^^^Erik, I'm glad you loved it, on ET the drop and 3 monster airtime hills are so awesome it overshadows the rest of the ride. I'm only giving SROS my #1 on the benefit of the doubt at the moment because of a year between riding SROS and ET, the East Coast trip will decide definitively.


I just realised I won't ride a coaster this calendar year until August 2nd.

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