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What Was The Last Coaster You Rode?

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Wild One, glad to see the staff working hard to get the thing running again today, it was riding great and worth the wait!



I love that coaster!!!


What was the last coaster I rode? Space Mountain: Alpha Side: The Magic Kingdom.

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The last coaster I rode was Top Thrill Dragster, yesterday, May 13, 2008.



Here's the story behind it. I was really bummed out that TTD was closed all day long yesterday, especially because at one point in the day, TTD, WT, Mantis, Raptor, Maverick, MaXair (which is still broken from last season and is down long-term), and Skyhawk. They opened TTD with about 35 minutes left before the park closed, and kept the line open until 7:30 pm, a half hour after park closing. Such a great and courteous move by CP, I applaud and praise them for that.


Whoever says that Cedar Point's employees and ride-ops are going downhill definitely needs to visit that park again. On every single ride, the ops were singing, making jokes, interacting heavily with people, and just all-around getting people excited to ride. That's especially good for Monday when it was rainy, cold, wet, and miserable out. Also, not to mention every employee in the park I came across yesterday and Monday said hello, good morning, good evening, good afternoon, etc.

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