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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

P. 1989: Wicked Twister's permanent closure announced!

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Fun fact: In this image, behind Rob are the shelves containing plans for new attractions for all CF parks. Right above his shoulder is CP's cubby. Directly above that is MIA's. CW is next to that.

How can you tell?

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rcoaster10, excellent NoLimits creation! If done properly, Mean Streak could possibly become the best RMC conversion and would likely be Cedar Point's best coaster. The question is whether Cedar Fair would want to invest money into a conversion of Mean Streak or just tear it down and build a new coaster. I'm thinking the latter is probably more likely, but I have heard rumors of RMC conversions coming to one or two other Cedar Fair parks in the next few years, and if another park gets an RMC Cedar Point will most likely follow suit.

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^Length of the layout has absolutely nothing to do with it. In fact, it makes it less efficient, if anything. Banshee runs three trains because it has three blocks on the main brake run (if you also count the transfer block), one of them acting as a block brake, or as everyone around here calls it, a MCBR. The brake run is also rather long and the trains spend a lot of time slowly moving down it, then it stacks for a just a short time right in front of the station. So while in theory this "Iron Streak" could run 3 trains, I don't see it as capacity booster by any means, and there would always be a train sitting in front of the station for longer than necessary.

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I would imagine the mid course brakes would remain about where they are, similar to the Texas Giant. Mean Streak and the Texas Giant had nearly identical layouts, so I assume this potential refurb would look very similar to the Giant's (possibly a steeper drop, maybe an inversion or two).

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That remake idea is amazing, fantastic job! Personally I would love to see that exact layout and profile be undertaken, with topper track and steel wheels being used like Outlaw Run. That way it would:

-Still be officially wooden

-Can be marketed as a special type of wooden coaster

-Maintain its speed better which is important because of the length of the ride


You may have created the best ride at Cedar Point!

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