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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

p. 2030 - Top Thrill 2 announced!

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^ I'm really starting to wonder.


CP Blog:


Question: Are you guys building something for 2006 besides Skyhawk?


Answer: Good question.


I'm sure i'll eat my words on this one, but I have a feeling CP is going to give us the one two punch



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I'm surprised at how fast they put this thing up. Guess all that's left is landscaping and queue, if that already isn't done.


Rush at Thorpe Park, also did not take too long to be built.


At the start of the season around 20th March 05, only the concrete footers were in.

Around early May 05 the ride was built & opened late June I think!

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^ Why wouldn't Valleyfair test it? I guess there's no specific reason, but they might as well if the ride is complete.


As for what Magnum Force said about making sure you ride everything in Frontiertown in 2006, CP must be getting something seriously big if the area is going to change that drastically. There still looks to be enough unused land there to build a mid to large-sized coaster without changing too much. I guess whatever it turns out be will have one of those huge, sprawling layouts.

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I am with this 100%!


I mean a spin cycle and a screaming swing are not the same ride feelings. I screaming swing is more force ful and give alot of zero G feelings. A spin cycle is more of an smooth rotation. A swing is actually like a real swing, it gains speed at the bottom. A spin cycle kinda stays the same speed during the swinging.


I totally disagree with that. I found Rush @ Thorpe park to be rather tame. There is some floating on the top of each swing, but you dont get the sensation of being on something powerful at the bottom. The KMG Afterburner that I rode on a fair 1 1/2 years ago was waaaaaaaaay better. It had more airtime on the top, and pulled some good G's at the bottom.


I still think Skyhawk will be a fun ride, and since its so large Im sure it will be pretty cool looking down when youre at the top

I know I was terrified when I went on a KMG Afterburner/Fireball. The feeling like being on a swing and that it looked like you could go completely over...


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I haven't really said much about this so far, but my two cents.....


I actually really liked Rush at Thorpe Park and I enjoyed both Pay-Per-Ride Screamin Swings I have done (Knott's & Orlando). Granted I don't think they are a good upcharge attraction, but I thought the Thorpe Park version was a GREAT "filler" ride for any park.


While it's not some blow-you-away ride, it sure is a lot of fun. And on moderatley crowded days when it's only a 15 to 20 minute wait, it should do just fine.


Honestly, I'd probably be more excited about riding the swing than WoF's new version of Talon!


And who cares if CP gets to rides in a row that happen to "swing." Do you think you'd hear complaints from people if CP built two rides in a row that happened to "coast"?


--Robb "Didn't CP get two launching, coasting rides in a row too?" Alvey

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^very true



In all honesty, I REALLY want to ride one of these. I may be going back to CP soon, so I'm happy that they are putting one in that isn't an upcharge. This is the kind of ride SFMM deperately needs. Not a spectacular thrill ride, but a fun, family ride.

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I can't say I've been on the larger version, but I have been on Dorney's Screamin' Swing and it was outstanding. This will be a great addition to the park. I'm glad to see CP drop some giant flat rides before moving on to the next big coaster project.


Sean "make it a dive machine" Costa

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Original Post:




Updated TPR's "Official Cedar Point 2007 Construction Photos" Page - 09/03/06:



Thanks to the guys at Point Xtreme for the photos.




Here's some concept art for you:





This was posted on Cedar Point's webpage today. Looks like they've moved the railroad tracks over and kept Whitewater Landing's station standing.


Mod Edit: Plase don't edit out the Description text.

Edited by larrygator
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