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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

P. 1989: Wicked Twister's permanent closure announced!

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Why not a red wing walker? Despite all the aqua trax rumors I really feel this is going to be a prototype. Not too big, but interesting.


Hey, Just noticing we have the same birthday, Happy birthday, and yeah I'm hoping it isn't an aqua trax, as it just doesn't seem like cedar point's style.

-James Dillaman

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Wingwalkers do not "suspend" from the track. The center of the car sits on top of regular Intamin rocket track, and then the seats on either side of the track resemple the seats on Raptor, because they suspend from the car.


Now that we pretty much know it's Intamin, I hope they go Aquatrax or looper. Those are the really only Intamin coasters CP does not have, and I would like to see an inversion breaker or a solid coaster like Atlantis Adventure appears to be.

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Thanks James, hope you enjoyed your birthday as well. (For my bday I'm flying myself to LA for DL, KBF and SFMM!!)


While I'm off topic... Jakizle you live in Jamestown RI?? Small world. I live in Warren (near Bristol)




Back to the subject... Whatever it is CP gets I just hope it has inversions, and maybe an interesting inversion. Cedar Point hasn't gone upside down in a decade of adding new coasters. (Mantis 1996)

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In my opinion, an Aqua Trax looks very interesting! I would definately like to see CP get a good QUALITY ride, not necessarily (sp) a big record breaker. But, if they want to break a record, why not go with a 12-looper (I would say 11, but 12 puts a small gap between it and 10)? I don't think this one will hit the skyline too high, that's alot of red!!!



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LOL at "YA'LL" instead of "Y'ALL" Someone at the point needs to check their redneck to english dictionary.


Anyway, I am now leaning toward some serious competition with Storm Runner. How funny would it be if CP named it Steel Stampede or Renegade!?!



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Or Humdinger


I dont want it to be an accellorator because they already have one. Im thinking some sort of intamin looper, possibly with a verticle drop? Maybe the record could be verticle coaster with the most inversions?

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