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Elissa at Theme Parks 20+ Years Ago!

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Hey all,


I spent a nice Labor Day weekend with my family in Florida and while I'm sitting now in the Airport for my flight which is over 2 hours delayed due to weather, I'll post some cute photos my dad gave me that prove my theme park craziness started a LONG time ago!


My family has more pictures (have to be converted from slides and stuff) so I hope to have more in the future!


Check me out on one of our visits to Boardwalk and Baseball! Also check out the Arrow Shuttle Loop on the right side!


Look how brave I am on the kiddie parachutes! Still at Cypress Gardens!


Cypress Gardens, back when it had no credits! Hmm, I have a feeling it could end up like that again soon!


Now over to the good Disney Parks! Old school Living Seas!


Here's me at about 3 years old in front of Disneylands Small World. It was about 20 minutes later that my parents dragged me onto Matterhorn...I was not amused at the time.

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We heard from friends over the weekend that they're starting a new promotion where ANYONE in ANY Hospitality industry can come for free with a guest in the month of October (or it might have been November). That to me does not sound like a park that's doing amazing!


And Robb...die.

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