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Google's Satellite Maps...

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It actually didn't take me very long. I had this thread open like ALL DAY at work, and everytime I'd get a few minutes, I'd find another one.


Google was really easy. You go to thier sattelite image feature, put in something like "Valencia, CA" and it would take you right to there, then put in "Magic Mountain" and the park would show up!


There were a lot of parks they didn't have images for, though, like Cedar Point.


--Robb "Easy!!!!" Alvey

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If you click on the "link to this page link", the url will include the latetude and longitude.


You can then take that latitude and longitude and plug it into http://www.terraserver-usa.com. If the "Urban Areas" images are available, click on it, and you can get approximately four times the resolution of Google Maps (although without the cool interface).

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King Richards Park

Basically a small local amusement park with a kiddy coaster, bumper boats (that I managed to get stuck on...twice), mini golf, arcade games, etc.

The picture's a bit blurry, but my house is in the "clear" portion. To the north is a fancy Greg Norman designed golf course.


Busch Gardens Tampa. Gwazi and Kumba are visible, but not Montu.

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I like the other services better, the ones you pay for. Their overviews are much more "Top down" and not slanted like alot of those on Google or MS Terraserver.


All of these required MAJOR stitching. I think the SFStl park was like 50 tiles stitched together? Wasnt easy, nor fun. But the result was great.




Georgia Scorcher



Top Gun - The Jet Coaster



Vortex - PC



Shockwave - SFGAm



Talon - Dorney (Very low res)



Boss - SFStl




Entire SFStl Park - 1.45mb HUGE





I have a 200mb bmp of CP right after MF. Its black and white, but ridiculous quality.

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I figured I would bump this to the top, so you could look at one of my latest creations.


Google has released the API for their new online aerial photo collection. I took a few minutes and whipped up some XML to import all the parks I had any location data.


Check it out:



Warning - The code is very, very JavaScript heavy and will probably take about 30 seconds or so to load on the average machine.

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