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Google's Satellite Maps...

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Here's a freaky thing. If you check the date on the Terraserver, it's one of the three days around spring break my family was at Disneyland. If you look hard enough, you might see our blue Honda in the Red Roof parking lot. I guess the time would be around 2-3pm, judging by the shadows-we're probably in Pirates.

Google Maps uses the same picture set for Buena Park/Anaheim.

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I figured I would bump this to the top, so you could look at one of my latest creations.


Google has released the API for their new online aerial photo collection. I took a few minutes and whipped up some XML to import all the parks I had any location data.


Check it out:



Warning - The code is very, very JavaScript heavy and will probably take about 30 seconds or so to load on the average machine.


Dude, you missed Playland at the PNE-Vancouver, BC, and Calaway-Calgary, AB and Galaxyland-Edmonton, AB. Great coverage in Washington state, BTW.

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Check out all these parks on Google Satellite Images! Some REALLY cool stuff here!!!


The Disney Parks are particularly interesting to see from overhead, as they reveal where and how large some of the show buildings are compared to their facades (i.e. Small World, Haunted Mansion, Pirates).


Also cool to see how one huge structure at Magic Kingdom (FL) can border two lands and house attractions for two lands (i.e. the structure that houses Phillharmagic, Peter Pan, and Hall of Presidents).



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Here's a few parks from my youth in the Northeast.


Paragon Park: What had once been New England's answer to Coney Island was a rotting shell of it's former self when I got to it. Still, it had one of the top roller coasters in the world (now moved to Maryland) and the awesome Bermuda Triangle dark boatride. The carousel has survived as a landmark and still operates today complete with ring grabs for free rides. The once mighty roller coaster is now a huge condo tower.



Rocky Point Park: This park had an amazing log flume ride. Towards the end they added a basic steel corkscrew coaster, but also charged extra to ride (fifty cents I believe.) Other than that, mostly just a bunch of spinning flat rides, but really the best park Rhode Island had to offer (can't think of another.)



Lincoln Park: What I would consider to be my "home" park as we made it there every year when I was a child. Really the perfect local park with a good mix of everything to satisfy everyone. The coaster still stands and as I understand it, is for sale- please buy it!


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Waterpark101 wrote:

how do you get that when i type in japanese parks they never come up



I just looked over in japan for Nara and after a few minutes I found the park. You just need to look around once you go to the town.

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