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  1. Anybody know the company that makes the Paramount Parks skycoasters? The ones that have the arc and a pole instead of two poles and a pole like the company 'skycoaster' ones? Also, the kind that looks like this? (The left three poles, the right structure is a crane building skyscraper) ADMIN EDIT: Had to edit the topic title to be more descriptive, and actually capitalized the proper words in the sentence. Please spend more than 10 seconds writing and try to create better quality posts! Thanks!
  2. on the top of wild thing! at valleyfair! restraints popped open at the top of the lift hill, and what do you know, i had the broken seatbelt that didn't work...right. And this was, what, 6 days or so after it had derailed?
  3. whoa! is that an absolutely MASSIVE go-kart track and a giant mini-golf course? crazy go-karts!
  4. Lol, only been on 1 intamin, no B&Ms or GCIs! (Though I've been on a small CCI, and it was ok) The intamin was steel venom at valleyfair! and it's pretty dissapointing considering Valleyfair! could have had a B&M invert for a little more money and a lot better ride, including higher capacity!
  5. whats the difference between intamin 1st and 2nd generation drop rides?
  6. wild thing at valleyfair! Got stuck up at the top, 180 feet high, and the restraints opened up. i had the same reaction as u on corkscrew omg it was scurry!
  7. Mmhmm. Since I haven't ever been on any drop rides other than S&S Space Shot and Turbo Drops, I want to ask u guys what kinds u like best. Intamin Tilting Floorless Gyro-drops? Intamin Standing Gyro-Drops? Itamin 'racing' drops? S&S Towers? HUSS drops? For anyone who's been on Apocalypse, what's the best ride style there? And who has ridden an S&S Combo tower like Scream! at SF New England that can tell me what it does? JW.
  8. god you guys are stupid! but thanks for the info and web site.
  9. Um...yeah...so i've been seeing a lot of coasters designed by ingenur buro stengel gmbh, which seems to be the main designer for Intamin, but also a lot of other random coasters like some B&M's, Son of Beast, etc. I'm pretty sure it's Werner Stengel's company and I know he designed Son Of Beast. If this is the designer for Intamin, then is Intamin only a ride building company? Also, is Werner Stengel still alive? Want some info on Ingenieur Buro and werner stengel please[/u]
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