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Google's Satellite Maps...

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Universal Studios Hollywood http://g.co/maps/zrm99

Universal Studios Orlando/City Walk/Islands of Adventure http://g.co/maps/gqysj

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay http://g.co/maps/zv9k5

Buch Gardens Williamsburg http://g.co/maps/56eg4

Seaworld Orlando http://g.co/maps/56eg4

Seaworld San Antonio http://g.co/maps/3nusr

Seaworld San Diego http://g.co/maps/2gb7b

Legoland California http://g.co/maps/u6abv

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UMMM, a couple people have made rumors about The Great Escape being up on Street View. I am here to put these rumors to rest. They aren't true. Unfortunately! Google has said that they are processing SFGAm, Great Escape, and even Cedar Point!! Yay Cedar Point!!

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^They blur out peoples faces. I guess they do it because they no one signed a release to be on the internet.


If you guys download Google Earth you can see updated views of parks. It even has a slider to go back in time. The latest I can get for my area is 1990. It's cool to see how Riverside Park looked in the '90s compared to how SFNE looks today.

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I'm looking forward to when Great Escape gets added. Mainy because I made a really overenthusiastic smile and waved when the guy rode by on his bike.

Yes totally, me too. I'll try and look for you but, I can't see anyones face Oh Well. I also think it's funny because I can now go to certain parks that close during the winter, in the winter!!

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