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The Dark Knight.......Rises


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For what its worth, Ive heard that Eckhart is signed on for 2 movies. There will def. be a sequel, and the reason is 158 million in 3 days. WB isnt stupid, they will do whatever it takes. I think out of respect for Heath, there shouldnt be a recast of The Joker. Those would be some really big shoes to fill.


I absolutely loved the movie, and I plan on seeing it again. It lived up to the hype, which isnt easy to do. Joker was perfect, really like Eckhart, and Bale always delivers. Amazing movie.

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In a recent interview, Nolan said he was thinking about not doing a third one because there was no way he could top this film. I agree, especially with Ledger gone now.

What stinks is that they will find somebody else to direct.

Somebody less talented.

Someone like Bret Ratner (IE X-Men 3)!

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Christopher Nolan already said their would be no Penguin in any of this batman movies.


I'm going to bet that Nolan, and he will be back, and his brother will do what ever villian fits the bill. I'd like to see the Penguin, but I'm not sure he'd be in the next one. The Riddler might make sense, and there's some speculation that the Mad Hatter might make an appearance. It's all way too early though.


As for the ending, I got the distinct impression that it was written with the idea that the Joker would be back in the next one. At least in some capacity.


I still believe Two Face is not dead, and will be back. There was too much character development for him to just vanish so quickly.

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I feel that if Two-Face returns he will be a sub-villain just like in Dark Knight. The way they develop his character in the movie makes him more of a corrupted villain and it seems that he would not be menacing enough to fight Batman.


His entire character is based upon a city in havoc. He doesn't have the capability to dominate Gotham like the Joker did. I don't think he's coming back personally, I think people are having a hard time seeing Two-Face as a smaller villain than the character in the comics. I'm not sure it was Nolan's intention to have Dent as a villain, just a figure corrupted under the Joker's reign.


Just my two cents.

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^That's exactly how I felt after seeing the movie. I feel that the only reason Two-Face was in the movie was to show how far-reaching the Joker's abilities were. If he can turn the number one sign of hope into a villain, who will there be to save Gotham? He acted more as a symbol of Gotham's inability to save itself than as an actual villain.

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I agree completely. There definitely were hints of the Joker returning (in the things he says and the way things were left off with him), but that was obviously before Ledger's death. I would be truly upset to see somebody else try to take on that role. After watching the movie and seeing Heath portray the joker as incredibly as he did, I think it would do more harm than good to the franchise if they tried to bring Joker back now, without Heath.

It's incredibly sad, that Heath is gone.

It also makes one wonder what they are going to do with the third film if they did have Joker written in and decide not to use him without Heath.

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^ In the Year One comics, Gordon has an affair with a co-worker. I think *possibly* that's what her character is set up to be, although that would set the movie up to be more Gordon-centric, which I don't see happening.

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Alright so I saw this on saturday and then again today and all I can say is WOW, for the first time ever in my life I paid to see a movie in theaters more then once! Heath Ledger was absolutely the star of this film. It could have been called The Joker and claimed as a movie about the Joker and I wouldn't have been mad.


He just was so freaking good in that role as a dark menacing Joker!




-0.2 for the raspy voice that makes me want to kick Bale in his Batcrotch

-0.05 for Maggie who seemed to careless about trying to act

-0.05 for the bus driving away scene (At the bank)


My favorite part is the magic trick and my favorite scene is in the hospital parking lot (HILARIOUS!)


What got me most about this film was that for the first time you just couldn't side with the villain (Joker) and for me, it was the first time where I was mad at myself for laughing at the villain or saying wow that was a good plan.


I really got mad because I was like, "I can't cheer this guy on he is so damn evil!"

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^It's a comic book movie. Anything is possible.


To elaborate on what I said before...I'd like to see Harley Quinn because she hasn't been in a movie yet and it would be easy to tie her into the current franchise story line (say that the Joker was taken to Arkham, met the chick, somehow died, and she carried on his legacy).


Whatever happens in the next film, I'd personally like to see them dig deeper into the Batman enemy pool.

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I finally saw this movie for the 1st time and all I can say is WOW! It was great. Very well acted by all of the actors/actresses. I loved the story line and everything else about this movie! I agree with some of you guys that I'd be fine if they didn't make a 3rd movie. Not because I think it ended perfect or something like that. Just for the fact that Heath Ledger was such a great actor and no one on earth could replace his presence on the screen. He will be missed

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