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The Dark Knight.......Rises


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I guess I'll go ahead and be the one person to say I was a lil disappointed with the Dark Knight. I mean it was a good movie, a really good movie, but I thought it wasn't as good as Begins. I mean Heath Ledger's Joker dominated and was awesome but when he wasn't on screen it really kinda felt like it drug on a and got real slow and un-interesting at times. I think I just got over excited for it so much that it was a lil disappointing. I'd probably give it 7 or maybe 8 out of ten which is still really good, but I guess I was expecting a knockout awesome 15 or something and just got a lil let down. Was pretty damn good, but I guess I was just a lil too excited

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LOVED this movie. Saw it at 12:04 and it was fantastic!

Heath Ledger did an amazing job with the rest of the characters.

I especially love the opening scene, but it does get kind of gross when he keeps licking his lips and such.



LOL yea the lip lick. I kept doing that out of humor.

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Months of hype, and then even more hype when Heath Ledger died after finishing his job as 'Joker' in The Dark Knight


A great news for all those Batman fans...


The Dark Knight already broke the midnight record with $18.5 million, and that doesn't even include the 3 a.m. show.


Even more, Warner Bros. reported that the movie's official opening day also broke the domestic record. It knocked Spider-Man 3's record with about $60 million. That's GIGANTIC! $60 million in a day. That's like Kung Fu Panda's take in 3 days. The movie is expected to have about $160 million on its first weekend.


Even better news, the movie is also expected to have great hold because of its rave reviews. It even have a chance to become one of the highest-grossing movie not only in domestic box office but also in the worldwide box office.


I expect the movie to finish around $1 billion in its worldwide box office.


What do you think?









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^^This movie has no chance at $1 billion. It would have to pull in $600 million overseas, if this film become only the 8th movie ever to pull in $400 million domestically.


The most a Batman movie has made overseas is $166.5 million. Batman does not have the same pull as the Spider-Man films had overseas. And Spider-Man 3 pulled in $554.3 million overseas.


Anyway I gave the movie a 10/10 .




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I saw it again and it still blew me away. It was even better since now I could pick up on subtle clues leading into big events in the story. I saw it in a regular theater, no IMAX and felt that the quality didn't take much away from the experience.


BTW, I can't sleep. It's hot.

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^Yes, but it only has 23,000 votes while the other movies on that list have had hundreds of thousands. Most of the votes on there seem to be fan votes that just clicked 10.


On topic though, I really want to see this movie again. I think I'm having Dark Knight withdrawal since I have not watched the film since the premiere.

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