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The Dark Knight.......Rises


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I just saw this movie tonight. I can honestly say that this is definitely one of the greatest movies of all time!!! I love how Batman is dark, like he was meant to be, The Joker was funny as hell and had a great voice, I loved the underlining conservative morals and ideals, and the screenplay was just amazing. It's a definite 10/10.

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Yes, but after some time. Movie usually go down in ranking, just because all the 'fanboys' aren't the only ones who has seen it.


Yes, Shawshank Redemption is number one! That's my favorite movie!


EDIT: Going to go see it for the third time in a few hours. The Joker is really the greatest villian.



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I thought it was cool, but EXTREMELY over-rated. I just saw WALL-E and enjoyed it a lot more. I liked Spider-Man and Iron Man more. The Joker is an awesome villain, but the only part of this movie I really enjoyed was the opening scene and the part with the Lamborghini.

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My sister's going to see The Dark Knight with her friends tomorrow. And I'm unfortunately not able to go. So that pretty much makes me the only person in the world that hasn't seen it yet.


But it's not all bad, tomorrow I'm gonna be in a big pit of mud with my best friends for 3 hours. My church is awesome.


--Eric B.

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We just saw it, yesterday.


Pretty intense film.


Ledger was amazingly imposing, but Bale held his own, too.


And glad to see Oldham, Freeman Jr. and Caine are still around with their well-written supporting roles.


It was a good ride yesterday.




(Edit: Post 4545!)

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