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  1. Eh I don't trust anyone, I have so little faith in humanity that I look both ways on a one way street. The only absolute way is everyone has to put everything in a locker. I seem to remember the lockers being free, no?
  2. If you have Platinum Passes then I see no reason to stay at Cedar Point. If you don't, then stay on property because Early Entry is amazing. Without that by the time you get in the park you'll already be dealing with long lines for most of the major attractions. With Early Entry it's possible to knock out some of the best rides in the park with minimal wait times. We really need a little more information though. Are you looking to splurge? Are you looking to do this on a budget? Are you looking to do the beach or Cedar Point shores? Are you looking to take breaks in the middle of the day and go back to the room / pool? There are a lot of things to consider here. Probably won't have a pass, looking to go 3rd or 4 th week of June for a long weekend Wednesday to Sunday. Splurge is a relative term I think, but the options that I mentioned are all doable. We like to stay deluxe at WDW for the location, so that's why I thought staying on point where we could walk to the parks and hotel freely would be a benefit. The other factor is space. With 3 kids 13,9,and 6 we need some room to spread out. Most likes won't do beach other than maybe walking on it, but would do the water park spending 4 days there. Thanks.
  3. Early planning for next year, 2 adults 3 kids, hotel breakers, lighthouse point, or vrbo? Thanks.
  4. Rode it last night. Very fun, rattles a lot but with the vests it was comfortable.
  5. Also it completely ended any possible opportunity to Dragon jump between the two coasters anymore. You no longer have enough time as you have to retrieve your items from the fluffy, fluffy bunny filled with medicine and goo after your ride. Such a downer. My wife and I were able to do both last week in time. Though, we had to exit then come back up a side path to go back thru the metal detectors and castle. It was nice when you could bypass the castle before.
  6. Funny, we were there yesterday and didn't see one. To be fair I didn't see any issues either.
  7. Maybe Disney will revisit Beastly Kingdom if it's removed. Wasn't there supposed to be a dragon roller coaster built there but scrapped when DD was built ? One can dream.
  8. Location may played a small role in the Revels downfall but it's more likely the fact that they tried to be something that the market didn't want. Mainly a Las Vegas style casino that focused on dining and entertainment rather then gambling. The casino felt like an afterthought. The Borgata is in a similar location away from everything else but has consistently been the top grossing casino because at the end of the day they knew it was day trippers and little old ladies and not young people looking to party that spend more money. Not to mention the fact it was built in the worst economy since the Great Depression and 3 surrounding states now offer gambling. There are a ton of ideas being thrown around with AC in general, I'd be interested in seeing what sticks.
  9. Where do you get the little tray and drink holder? Was it purchased or given to you?
  10. Awesome. I don't watch any of the videos as we will be there on oct. 28. Want to keep some surprises.
  11. I'm not saying you can see Philly's skyline but it's more like 50 miles probably less as the crow flies.
  12. I'm really curious to see how they handle platform 9 3/4. I can't see them making it one at a time. Talk about a capacity nightmare.
  13. You have to use the kiosks,when booking fast passes after the initial 3, correct ?
  14. Gotta agree here Rob. I am a huge HP fan and am exited to the new additions but new Fantayland was awesome. The mirror scene in enchanted tales with Belle is one of the most amazing effects I've seen and it's all for a glorified meet and greet. I'm not knocking Universal but I still don't think they are quite on Disneys level.
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