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Universal Studios Japan (USJ) Discussion Thread

p. 42 - Super Nintendo World opening February 4th, 2021!

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Its also worth noting that Hollywood Dream is the only B&M with 4 trains. Considering that the existing trains are already purple, if none are in maintenance, than there could be 2 purple trains running forward, and a red & yellow train that run backwards. Bringing an even count.

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Here are a few photos that ran in a variety of Japanese newspapers last month.  The new Opening Date is Spring 2021

I feel like it looks very 'Men in Black' ish.

Yes, I'd like to see that, too, but I can also understand why they would like to keep things under wraps and build the anticipation a bit more.

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On Friday, July 5, 2013, Universal Studios Japan will grand open the virtual three-dimensional ride attraction, The Amazing Adventures of Spider-ManTM - The Ride, that has won the award for the world’s best attraction for seven consecutive years, by adopting 4K high definition (4KHD), the most advanced imaging technology.


First and only ride attraction with the world’s best super high resolution 4KHD X 3D technology in Japan! Ride motions enabled by cutting-edge synchronizing technology creates entertainment for the next generation.


The Amazing Adventures of Spider-ManTM - The Ride is an epoch-making attraction created by combining more than 100 different special effects including lights, sounds, fire, smoke, and water splashes with the amazing ride vehicle movements linked with Spider-Man’s motions on the screen. The ride has been highly rated by media around the world. In the U.S., The Amazing Adventures of Spider-ManTM - The Ride has won the Golden Ticket Award in the Best Dark Ride category for seven consecutive years, a historic first.


The Amazing Adventures of Spider-ManTM - The Ride 2 which will grand open this summer, will further solidify this ride as the world’s best ride with the world’ best 3D images combined with 4KHD technology, and ride motions enabled by cutting-edge synchronizing technology. With overwhelming reality and extreme excitement, the ride allows riders to feel as if the entire adventure is happening to them.


* The attraction has won the Golden Ticket Award presented by Amusement Today magazine in the Best Indoor Ride category for seven consecutive years

*4KHD × 3D projector server with the world’s best specifications as a 3D projector server in operation (Researched by USJ Co., Ltd., on December 10, 2012)

*The only 4KHD × 3D ride attraction used at an entertainment facility in Japan (Researched by USJ Co., Ltd., on December 10, 2012)


The Amazing Adventures of Spider-ManTM - The Ride 2: Outline

The ride attraction has adopted 4KHD for a 3D attraction for the first time in Japan. 4KHD enables beautiful and high resolution images with four times the resolution of full high vision. To offer 4KHD images, the attraction will adopt both of a state-of-the-art 4K projector (35,000 lumens) and an uncompressed 4K server for the first time ever at an entertainment facility in Japan. Extreme imaging such as the texture of Spider-Man’s finger tips seen through his costume, the muscles of his entire body, and even the showcase windows in the streets of New York are 3D images which are clearly and precisely projected on

the 12 large 3D screens, which happens to be the largest curved screen in the world (approx. 18 meters wide and 9 meters high). These efforts have successfully created an extremely realistic ride attraction environment where riders find it difficult to distinguish the virtual world from real world. The Amazing Adventures of Spider-ManTM - The Ride 2 with 4KHD will allow riders not only to “watch” images but also to “be involved in actions” in the images.


The attraction vehicle that enables 360-degree full revolution has been developed and produced by the U.S.-based company, which supplied materials to NASA for the Space Shuttle. The vehicle has totally renewed its movements in accordance with 4KHD × 3D images. For example, in a scene where Spider-Man jumps into the vehicle, the ride motion reflects not only the impact of Spider-Man landing on the hood but also even very slight weight shifts occurring when he speaks to the guests and the vibrations generated when Spider-Man runs beside the guests. The very precise ride motions proprietarily developed by Universal Studios’ Technical Team create the illusion that the virtual reality in the image on the screen has been transferred into the real world.


Total track length: 368 m / Facility area: 12,000 m2 (equivalent to more than 60 tennis courts)


Approx. 5 minutes

Projection System

4K projector (35,000 lm) / 4K server (uncompressed)



3D screen: 12 / 2D screen: 1

3D screen curved 170 degrees both vertically and horizontally, approx. 18 meters wide, 9 meters high



Specification: Capacity: 12 persons per car (4-seat single row × 3 lines)


Designed and manufactured by the U.S.-based cutting-edge technology company which supplied materials for the Space Shuttle and provided training programs to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in its space venture.


The Amazing Adventures of Spider-ManTM - The Ride 2 is sponsored by Nomura Securities, Co., Ltd., one of our Corporate Marketing Partner companies.


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When I rode USJ's Spiderman in 2009, the projections were blurry and off...the 3D didn't look nearly as good as Orlando's. I may have caught it on an off-day, but it was weird. Glad they are doing these 4K projectors, the images should be crisp and sharp no matter what now.

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I rode both the original in Japan and the HD update in Orlando a few months apart. The update is really impressive. I didn't think it would make that much of a difference, but it did. I was also surprised to see the slight changes they did, including the appearance to Doctor Octopus to look more like the movie version of the character. And I miss the big green phallus.

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^I didn't think it would, but it really does! The animation is insanely crisp and gives more life to the characters, making them look far less like they came out of an old computer game. The ride also received a new soundtrack along with a modified sound system with more channels of audio and more ambient noise pertinent to the story to further immerse the rider. All of that coupled with the additional layers of detail throughout the ride's digital scenes (and the few set modifications done to match the physical sets with the digital show) really made an incredible difference here in Orlando.

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I rode this ride last year and the animation seemed quite blurry, glad to see it's getting an update may have to fly over and try it out next year since osaka is a pretty short flight from Korea

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Spiderman is swinging back into action at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka's Konohana Ward, as the park's newly refurbished superhero ride resumed operations on July 5, an official of USJ said.


At a cost of about 1.5 billion yen ($15 million), USJ has incorporated 4K resolution technology to the “New Amazing Adventures of Spiderman: The Ride 4K3D,” offering picture quality four times that of the regular high-definition standard.


Guests board a vehicle and ride through a town as Spiderman protects them from villainous monsters. Thanks to 3-D spatial screens in front of them, guests can feel as if the characters are right in front of their eyes. An attraction developer said that 4K resolution was utilized to express greater details, such as Spiderman’s muscles and the garment seams of his costume.


About 100 female guests who have an annual USJ passport were specially invited to a preview on July 4. Yuko Asada, 18, a university student from Kyoto, said, “I was a bit scared, but the attraction was really exciting.”


Although USJ increased the admission price in fiscal 2012, visitor numbers also rose, with net income apparently hitting a record high of 8.7 billion yen, sources said.


USJ said it plans to open a new area in the park at a cost of about 45 billion yen in fiscal 2014.

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Just read on the USJ Japanese site that Hollywood Dream backwards is now a permanent ride.


"Back drop of very popular large screaming

to meet the desire of many, ongoing decision as regular attraction!

Hollywood Dream - The Ride-back drop "

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Great to hear it's been made permanent. I really enjoyed this ride both forwards and backwards so it's great for people to always be able to experience them both.

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One question: If I go on a coaster both forwards and backwards, would that be 2 credits?


Only in Jeff Johnson's mind!

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The backward train was pretty popular when TPR was there last summer. So now it's gone beyond being a gimmick.

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Hollywood Dream was great both forward and backward, although I preferred forward. Backdrop has a CRAZY wait time, I noticed it was 400 minutes (like 7 hours) when I went. Luckily the single rider Backdrop line helped out a lot. Great ride.

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