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Linnanmäki Discussion Thread

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^It would be $3,832,053.64



While a diffrent coaster would have been a safer choice, some park has to take a chance, and to prove my point, imagine if KBF didn't take a chance with corkscrew. This design gould become big as it is relativly cheap, and it is a ride the GP will love.

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Big Juicy Bump!




Finally some track and supports have arrived.


It's a newspaper flash file, the pic is on the 12th page in the upper left corner. You have to click on the right hand arrows until you find it.



The park opens in 8 weeks so they should start construction really soon now, if they want it to be open for then.


By the way: Kirnu, is Finnish (surprise, surprise) and means an old (was/is mainly used in farms by the countryside), often wooden bowl type of thing in which you blend, 'stab' cream until it becomes butter.

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I went to the city today, on the way I took some photos of Kirnu-the new coaster, it's already complete from what I can tell, but I couldn't see the station, because of its 'hidden location'.


Anyways, Here are some photos.


Tilted, slightly over the middle of the photo, you can see a wheel-sort of thing, which I guess, is a roulettewheel sideways or a liftwheel, you decide!


Thanks for reading!


mmm... Nice curvy bits and a blurry dragon's head.

That sounds almost like a japanese coaster's name translation.


The ride from the side, through the fence.


Closer with a guy, working on the track?, drinking instant low caffeine coffee?, counting his fingers? or whatever, still it features trees.


Closer. You can clearly see Kirnu's big chunky tubular feet, which are good to store Pringles-tubes in.


the obligatory, THROUGH THE TREES!!- shot.


Zoomed in, a bit.


In the middle of this mostly brown, grey dull mass, with random erect pipes and trees, you can see a new colourful structure.

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Well, since people like to call coasters with track bent like that as "looking painful", I'm just going to say that, for the first time, I think an Intamin coaster looks painful (I'm being sarcastic)


Let's not be discriminate as to which company's coasters we say look painful . Just kidding.


Intamin has a reputation of smoothness on most of their rides, so I'm going to expect that this one will be smooth.

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Hope you don't mind that I post videos as a first thing on this forum. Just wanted to share these. They're from the Linnanmäki press day and should be the first videos of Kirnu.


Helsingin Sanomat (hs.fi) is the biggest newspaper around here. According to them, the ride hadn't been officially approved and handed to Linnanmäki yet. Thus, the guy riding Kirnu is probably an Intamin staff member.


A round in the Kirnu:



Kirnu as seen from outside:



Linnanmäki is opening on friday! Wohoo!

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Thanks for the link.


I imagine this would be fun enough to ride although it seems like the ride is over before it even gets started. I'll try to reserve judgement until I actually ride a ball coaster but that video doesn't make me really want to rush out and ride one.

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