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Linnanmäki Discussion Thread

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After all that happened in the past two weeks, Kirnu had a soft opening yesterday and today was open for the whole day (and without any problems, as was expected). After final inspections and a test ride by the mechanics, Kirnu finally opened to the public and quickly attracted people to the queue. To my surprise, my colleagues told me that no-one asked anything about whether the ride is safe. Perhaps the decision to change new seats made everyone happy (plus that everyone was able to see that inspections were made) and that there was a note containing all the information about the situation at the queue. Anyway, it was good to finally see the ride running!


I also took a chance to take a quick test ride in the evening. After the ride I must say they didn't only replace new seats! The new seats are almost identical: only the part where your thighs are is a bit longer and a bit narrower, which means that the rider is now more secured. Or at least that's what I felt, and I liked it. It may prove a bit uncomfortable for larger guest, but I'll have to wait and see for that. But what else was made is that the cars seem to have had a complete spring cleaning in the chassis, as the cars clearly spin more easily now! It's like Kirnu is re-living its early days again! Before this the seats seemed to spin a bit sluggishly and the ride felt just a tiny bit neutered, but now it's got balls of steel again!


As you can see, the new seats look very familiar

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Linnanmäki opens this Saturday and has now revealed the hot new stuff for this season:


- 2 new family rides

- VR coaster experience (opens 20th May)

- a new terrace with a cafe and a midway game

- revamped main entrance area

- 2 new restaurants

- theme weeks during season


First of all, the 2 new family rides are Poppis (Gosetto Party Dance) and Propelli (Zamperla Magic Bikes). I guess many are already familiar with the Zamperla, but the Party Dance is a new ride for me. You can control your spinning with a joystick, while the main gondola rotates and bounces up and down. It certainly looks to have decent speed in the video, but I'll write a more detailed report later after I've ridden it. Both rides are meant to be interactive where adults can ride with the children rather than just watching them have fun.


Now the VR coaster: Linnunrata (custom indoor Zierer Force) gets the Samsung goggles and transforms into Linnunrata eXtra. I really did not see this one coming, and I am super excited to test it! Sadly the VR coaster company is swamped with work so Linnunrata has to wait a few weeks more. The layout isn't the longest, but it'll be interesting to see how they are going to use the two lifts for example. I guess the space theme will stay, but again only time will tell.


Other new things around the park: The "kiddie sector" of the park gets a facelift and the new terrace with the cafe. The location is nice and sunny, but I'm a bit worried about how crowded it will get since the area is already tiny. There will also be a new climbing course for small children and the new midway game. The park's main entrance area transforms from previous maritime-theme to a more generic-style (I guess?) and a new interactivity for children is introduced in the revamped candy store; children are taught about cotton candy and they can try to make their own! The 2 new restaurants nearby serve mexican and american diner styled food, and will replace two restaurants.


A circus-themed week will kickstart the season, a horror-themed week is planned for autumn and the season will end with a two-week-lasting Carnival of Lights.


Finnish source


Linnanmäki's Facebook


Finnish news, with video


Poppis (Gosetto Party Dance)


Propelli (Zamperla Magic Bikes)

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These are great additions and im SO thankful that they made VR optional.


Especially considering that Linnunrata is their second most popular ride and the throughput is currently amazing,

it would slow down massively if everyone had to have VR, so it'll be a nice novelty to try like once.


Also it seems that american diners are now starting to be a fad in finland, i've seen the pop up everywhere in my town and now apparently in linnanmäki as well

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Linnanmäki has announced that they're organizing a fright-fest type week called "IIK!WEEK" (pronounced eekweek)



It will be held in september 3 to september 11 and might become an annual event along with the festival of light.


-General theme of the park will have spooky effects added to it with roaming live actors


-A 12+ horror maze attraction will be separately built into an old building in the park, this will be open daily during the event and is free if you have a wristband and costs two tickets if you dont have one (2 tickets = 16€). You can't reserve a spot in the horror maze, you must queue like everyone else.


-A zombie parade, with zombies roaming the park during one of the saturdays, these live actors will even be going on rides


-A surprise in the tunnel of the scenic railway


-The dodgems will have clowns chasing people


-Monorail will get themed


-The witch-themed ghost train hotel will get live actor witches scaring people during their rides


-The family friendly magic circus dark ride will now have clowns roaming around to annoy and spook guests


-The parks walkthrough horror ride "Kammokuja" will also have live actors in it


-The VR Coaster will have a new horror themed film on it


-The Kingi free fall tower can now be ridden blindfolded


-Restaurants will be themed to spooky theming


-And much more



This is very exciting as this is the first Finnish park to do something like this, but then again Linnanmäki would be the obvious choice since they pull in incredible amounts of tourists annually.

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-The family friendly magic circus dark ride will now have clowns roaming around to annoy and spook guests



It used to be scary enough, with all the clowns they used to have in that ride.

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So IIK!WEEK is done, and it was amazing


There were zombies roaming around, scaring people, the ambience was changed, new horror theming, horror themed food, etc.


I didn't get to do the specific for this event horror maze, only 2 people were let in at once and the queue was 2 hours long.


The permanent horror maze Linnanmäki has "kammokuja" which usually has you go through with 3d glasses, the walls being painted in uv colours and the uv lights lighting the halls, well this time they had turned all the lights off, added fog, zombie actors and you had to walk through carrying only a lantern for light. It was amazing, atmospheric, scary.


The "Taikasirkus" family circus ride was now just called "Sirkus" and the entrance looked like this:




The inside had a corrupted version of the usual soundtrack with all the clowns being somehow clearly dead yet alive, the audience pictures had either their eyes or mouths crossed out and there were dead dolls scattered across. Live actor clowns would come and shake your car, laugh at you, etc.


The witch train was the usual witch train but there were a few live actors there to spice things up.


The scenic railway had something done to it as well actually, at the end of the ride the train enters a tunnel, the tunnel is filled with fog and red/orange lights to make it look like the tunnel is burning, after that a forest demon of some sort comes out.


The Linnunrata Extra VR Coaster had a special horror VR animation, which was AMAZING. You and everyone else ride in an old antique chair and a sorcerer lifts you up and takes you through a haunted mansion, but demons kill the sorcerer and you fly above a forest, a village, in a cave, etc.


There were some more mentionable things, but this was really quite something and ill be sure to come here again every year for the event!

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Translated to english:


-"All good things come to an end, so does Kieppi's career in Linnanmäki. Come enjoy the last kieppi's (kieppi is an untranslatable word for a flip) during september-october."


So apparently Linnanmäki is getting rid of their HUSS Booster, which is odd because:

A: It's only 13 years old

B: It's extremely reliable and has barely any downtime

C: It's extremely popular

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Linnanmäki has now closed, and the season ended in (now traditional) Carnival of Lights. This year there were even more custom lights, and the event has grown a lot in popularity in the last couple of years! I'm bummed that Kieppi is leaving, but I tried to get as many last rides on it as I could. Linnanmäki closing also means the beginning of off-season for me, so it's time to fire up NoLimits again


Anyway here are some photos I took. This year I bought a DSLR (used Nikon D5100 for those of you interested) and I have to say; it's a nice leap in quality to finally have a DSLR on a tripod


This is what you see upon entering the park



Nice ambience


Kirnu was closed (hydraulics don't like low temperatures)




Kehrä (Enterprise)


Probably the most photographed ride in Carnival of Lights, and it's no wonder ;)


Artsy stuff made in collaboration with LUX Helsinki



Salama had a classic look this year :)



That spiral tho


Kieppi doing its thang


I'll miss these kinds of photos...


Kingi, my favourite ride





Vuoristorata literally bathed in light



Mustekala (Schwarzkopf Monster)





Let's have some more photos of Kieppi


Just to give it some final honors




Bye bye, I hope your next home will be as good as this was (wherever that will be)!


One of the two new rides for this season: Poppis


(It's a Gosetto Party Dance)


I have to say, RGB LED's do make some beautiful photos!



Final photo to end this photo collage and season. See you next year!

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