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Linnanmäki Discussion Thread

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^ For myself, BLUE = the Maritimes, Scandinavia, The Arctic....

Throw in white supports, and it's pretty "icy" to me, heh.


Ocean Park in Hong Kong tried, with their arctic-themed powered

coaster. But it's location just didn't work for me. Fish out of water.


It's there, somewhere. A lot of stuff in this park, is jumbled together. IMhO. TPR 2012 China Tour.


And then there's....The Reversal! (o; Blue Tornado, Gardaland, Italy.

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Looks fantastic. I’m loving the look of Intamin’s new gen LSM coasters. The trains look like they have the comfort of the Mack versions but still retain the intensity that we would expect from Intamin. I especially love the second half of the layout.

It's funny, I feel like the ride looks more like a Mack launched coaster than what we would have expected from Intamin even ten years ago.

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What used to be there, before. Me and it. TPR 2014 Scandi Tour.


...And in the earlier 2009 TPR Tour, it was Much Wetter, too! Also a Milestone Coaster (of sorts) for myself.

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