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  1. 1. Dueling Dragons Fire 2. Talon 3. Batman: The Ride 4. Dueling Dragons Ice
  2. I haven't been on a B&M that didn't have a slight rattle so far. Even the new ones like Manta had something slightly. I have been on: Kraken Manta Hulk Dueling Dragons Hydra Bizarro Talon Batman the ride Superman Green Lantern Batman the Dark Knight Nitro The ones with the most rattle would be Duelings Dragons Ice and Batman The Dark Knight. But they are still super smooth.
  3. I agree, Yankee Cannonball is very smooth. Mainly because Canobie has an awesome maintainence team. Wildcat has gotten much smoother witht the new track, the buzz bars are really awesome on both these rides. Thunderhawk was painful. I could really see this one getting MF trains. I think that the trains are really good on some coasters, overall, all PTC trains suck IMO. I really don't like any of the PTC trains in NE. Especially Boulder Dash's.
  4. >Yankee Cannonball >No airtime I'll agree to the final hills just before the brakerun having no airtime, but the rest of the ride has plenty of it, especially when you ride in the back. Yankee Cannonball has tons of airtime. You're basically standing up on several of the big hills. But the thing with the cannonball, it expands when it's humid out. Giving it very little airtime, that's why I usually ride it at night or just go to the park on a cooler day. I agree, the ending dies down, with can be fixed and will once they do the whole station over.
  5. Canobie Lake Park in a Q&A actually made fun of six flags and the whole iron horse treatment, saying that they would never consider butchering the Yankee Cannonball! All wooden classics should never see the IH. Boulderdash The Beast All GCI coasters El Toro these are too good for steel.
  6. ^Amen to that! Canobie would look so great with a chance version. But they are on the verge of another wooden rollercoaster first!
  7. The Hulks by far. I also really like when Rollin' by Limp Bizkit is blasting on HRRR
  8. As was I. The floater effect on Nitro just didn't do it for me. The best part was the helix but the ending is what killed it. Those hills have 0 air time.
  9. New Hampshire: Yankee Cannonball!!!! Maine: Excalibur Massachusetts: Bizarro Connecticutt: Boulder Dash Vermont: Okemo's timberliner coaster Rhode Island: None. Our state sucks. New York: Comet Penn: Steel Force NJ: El Toro Florida: Deuling Dragons (Fire).....Kraken is a really close 2nd Callifornia: Ninja For states and coaster I haven't gone to: Ohio: Diamondback Georgia: Mind Bender Carolinas: Afterburn Virginia: Intimidator 305 Maryland: Wild Thing Nevada: Desperado Illinois: Raging Bull Kentucky: Lightning Run Tennesee: Tennesee Torndao Washington: Wild Thing (AKA Rocky Point Corskcrew ) Orleans: Mega Zeph Texas: Rattler Michigan: Shivering Timbers
  10. I've been on all the rollercoasters in New England.
  11. Crusing down a long windy trail on your skis, real fast, is just the best. I LOVE rollercoasters, but I'll take skiing in solitude through the fresh powder over waiting in an hour line with a bunch of sweaty, ignorant people. Less crowded and much more relaxing than a six flags.
  12. Canobie and Compounce have the most tension up here. They're the same size and they both have four coasters. SFNE is blown out of the water when it is up against SFGAdv
  13. Top three 1. El Toro 2. Bizarro (SMROS) SFNE 3. Yankee Cannonball- Canobie Lake Park
  14. Speqaking of flip side...... The flip side was kinda of a fail I'd also say Green Lantern AT sfmm never again.
  15. The over bank turn and the whole entire spagetti bowl on Bizarro at SFNE is AMAZING. Goliath SFNE basically all of it Nitro's Helix El Toro's over bank turns and drop Kingda Ka's launch Batman the ride clone's corkscrews
  16. Their Giant Inverted Boomerangs are hands down the best. I love Mind Eraser at SFNE and I also enjoy the boomerangs. They're really not bad at all.
  17. I second Rocky point park. Our construction company got to rebuld the park into what it is now.
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