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  1. ^^ Agreed. Lake Compounce has boulder dash which is amazing, along with free drinks and phobia. Canobie has free parking, Yankee Cannonball, a fantastic flat ride collection and the nicest landscaping out of all the big NE parks. SFNE was a disaster yesterday. The park looked disgusting and the rides ran like crap.
  2. I would go with BGW. Better coaster line up and the theming is amazing. Also, if you can I would check out King's Dominion while you're down there. Its one of the better cedar fair parks.
  3. Dominator is easily the smoothest B&M floorless I've ever been on, It's also the best. And I've been on a lot of them.
  4. Amazing photos! The resort is really launching to new levels with these additions. Very very impressive.
  5. Just saw a picture from today showing off a pattern of rocks spelling out "MEAN STREAK 1991". Looks like it truly is on its last leg.
  6. What day? If its Saturday then get the fast lane plus with admission. Always a good time with that, especially dealing with Volcano's line. As for Anaconda, it's not rough. I've been on it a bunch of times, different days, different seats and very little to no headbanging. Its not a bad ride at all and actually, the first half of the ride is pretty intense. Have a great time, KD is one of the better cedar fair parks out there.
  7. Surprised that the train is still in Hurler's station..... An RMC could certainly work for it, SFNE didn't start on theirs til August.
  8. Other than Hurler, there was nothing "rough" or unbearable at that park. While I do agree it is a very well rounded park, it definitely does not have that many rough coasters. Anaconda is nothing compared to plenty of other rides that I've been on. It was actually smooth both separate times that we've visited.
  9. ^ You don't need to feel butt hurt because I wasn't totally impressed with your favorite park. I did the round up, downdraft and fandango along the way. The lines for flyers, looper, flying turns and dodgems were huge so we passed. Flyers aren't necessarily my favorite flat anyways so i was fine with passing on them. I didn't go into black diamond thinking it would be a coaster, I went in hoping for a fun little dark ride but it was just weird And cheesy. Phonenix was easily a top ten woodie for me and twister was fantastic too. A lot of buildings there could use some TLC, that's something nobody can deny. Voicing my opinion about it is not "spreading negativity" around your fantasy world. I enjoyed myself at the park but it was not like I expected it to be. and aren't you a little too old to be saying " bye Felicia"?
  10. Stoped by knoebels today after my long east coast road trip and I gotta say, I was kinda let down by it. Phoenix and twister kicked ass and the haunted house was cool. Impulse was a nice modern site to see and enjoyable but nothing "stand out". Black Diamond was horrible and a total waste of money. The whole park felt like a permanent county fair with the same, trashy fair people. Most of the employees weren't that friendly but a couple were nice. All the buildings and some of the rides looked like they were about to fall apart too. I'm all for the classic amusement park but this was just a little too run down and kinda strange of a place for us I'll certainly stop by on my way to Hershey for night rides on the two wooden coasters but I don't really understand the praise over this place.
  11. What the heck is that supposed to mean? Is the ride 18 years old? haha
  12. Carowinds 2016 So I did a little “surprise” visit to Charlotte, North Carolina this weekend. Hunter and I hit Lake Compounce and Six Flags on Saturday. Then it was off to Charlotte on my 5am flight to Charlotte, which was about two hours long. Let me just say, Charlotte is the nicest city I’ve ever visited and I was totally blown away with North Carolina in the two full days that I was there. So three parks in about 15 hours within each other. Not too shabby! Scorecard: Fury 325: 13x Intimidator: 4x Afterburn: 5x Nighthawk: 2x Carolina Cyclone: 2x Drop Tower: 3x Hurler: 1x Carolina Goldrusher: 1x Carolina Cobra: 1x Southern Star: 1x Scream Weaver: 1x Space Spiral: 2x Windseeker: 1x Vortex: 1x Ripcord: 1x Slingshot: 1x Carowinds: We arrived at the park thirty minutes early and were surprised to see that guests were already riding Fury. We walked right in at 9:30, got our fast lane plus and headed right to Intimidator as I was told to ride this before Fury, because it would ruin my experience. Walking down the main street of the park, I was greeted with friendly characters and employees who showed plenty of that “southern hospitality” everyone always talks about. Intimidator and Nighthawk are the first two major coasters that you encounter at Carowinds. And we’ll start the reviews right here… Intimidator: I’ve kept my expectations for the Intimidator very, very low considering the fact that it gets shoty reviews. Another huge reason is because I really don’t care for Nitro, even though most people do. I think it’s boring as hell and it does absolutely nothing to me. Heading down the first drop was just okay, nothing special. But the second hill is what changed my whole view on this ride. After that it was fun floater air time and great drops. The turnaround was whacky, yet awesome and the whole ride is butter smooth. The operations on the ride were top notch and the NASCAR theming was nice, but not as good as KD’s in my opinion. Overall, one of the best surprises of the day and it was very re-rideable. 9/10 A- Nighthawk: I’m a minority for saying this but I loved Batwing at Six Flags America, so I was hoping the same for this one. Unfortunately it was only running one train and the line was already an hour plus. (Thanks Fast Lane!) We waited two cycles which was about ten-twelve minutes so not too bad of a wait. The ride itself was awesome. I loved how they constructed it over the water and it has an abundant amount of trees around it providing “fly-by” effects. Fast, intense and really not rough at all, sure it was a little shaky but nothing brutal. Overall it was one of my favorite rides in the park. 9/10 A Afterburn: People who know me personally are aware that I am a huge B&M invert fan. I’ve been on plenty of good ones including Talon, Montu, Great Bear, Dueling Dragons and Raptor, hearing that this was one of the best, I was excited. The ride itself is INTENSE. The loops are fast and forceful while the layout has plenty of near miss effects. The ride is a little rougher than some of the other B&M’s that I’ve been on but nothing major at all. Another very re-ridable coaster and it ranks closer to the top. 10/10 A+ Carolina Cobra: Can somebody please paint this ride? Seriously it looks hideous but it rides amazingly. By far the smoothest and most enjoyable boomerang I’ve been on thanks to those awesome vest restraints. It seemed like a crowd favorite as it pulled quite the line. But pleeeeaseeeee paint it new colors soon! 8/10 B+ Carolina Goldrusher: Another mine coaster to check off my list. I loved the theming in the station and it was actually one of the smoother old school mine rides that I’ve been on. Great tunnel at the end provided for a little bit of a surprise. 8/10 B- Carolina Cyclone: Arrow coasters go two ways in my book….bearable or un-bearable. This one was great! Smooth transitions compared to Canobie Corkscrew and the layout was nice. I think the best part was the final helix at the end, providing a little bit of force and a smooth ending. 8/10 B Fury 325: Everything it is hyped up to be. This ride is incredible. The layout is perfect, the drop feels never-ending and the speed is unreal. I’m still trying to figure out if it’s better than my previous #1 (I305), I think it’s going to be determined once I go back to King’s Dominion this summer. The dispatches were every thirty seconds, along with intimidators making it some of the best operations that I’ve ever seen. They let us wait front row and I will say this, it’s absolutely a front seat coaster. I found it funny how both I305 and Fury had trim brakes on their biggest airtime hills. But overall this ride is so worth the trip alone and is extremely re-ridable. Ridiculous. 10/10 A++ Hurler: This was the only bad ride in the park. The roughness wasn’t really the issue, it was more of the fact that it’s super boring. The first turn after the drop was fun and smoother than KD’s but there was zero airtime and all it did was just shake the crap out of you. Hopefully whatever is done to King’s Dominions will be eventually done here. Surprisingly a very popular ride regardless. 6/10 D Drop Tower: This was my second intamin 2nd generation free fall and it was just as good as the first! Although I will admit, this ride is really looking quite sad. They need to repaint it and maybe give it a cool new name. Or maybe just get a gyro drop. 9/10 A- Windseeker: My second windseeker ride and still very fun and relaxing. I will say that this park has nicer views that King’s Dominion, with the mountains and charlotte close by. Painfully slow opperations on it unfortunately. 9/10 A Space Spiral: This was actually my first observation ride and it was actually pretty awesome! The views are spectacular and it’s a very relaxing ride. North Carolina is a beautiful state, you could see Charlotte and the mountains perfectly in the distance. 10/10 A+ Southern Star: These old-school looping pirate ships are a guilty pleasure of mine. I’d say out of the three that I’ve been on, this had the best program. It was always really popular with the guests. 10/10 A+ Vortex: The final credit of the day. It was just…..meh. My second least favorite ride in the park. It was much more tolerable than Apocalypse but still not that good. Stand-up coasters don’t do it for me. Floorless trains and maybe a tunnel would make this ride more pleasing for guests. 6/10 D I also did the slingshot and the ripcord, for the first time ever. I always walk past these and say to myself, “I’m gonna do that someday.” They were so much fun! Especially the sling shot! As for the food, we ate at the Harmony Hall, which was quite impressive in size but poor in food quality. I’d say out of the four Cedar Fair parks that I’ve visited, Carowinds had the worst food. It was also incredibly packed in the cafeteria of the hall with very slow moving lines. As for the park appearance, I was actually pretty impressed. It had much more landscaping and charm that I was expecting, with plenty of fun out going employees to make the experience even more enjoyable. There’s certainly a number of rides that could be repainted like Cobra, Cyclone, Drop Tower and Nighthawk. King’s Dominion is the better east coaster park in my opinion, it just seems a little more “well-rounded” with rides and overall appearance. But overall I’d say this was a great park and I will definitely be back again soon!
  13. I can agree with Magnum. I got off it last year going, "well that sucked" along with the entire group I was with. New trains and some track refurbishment would be nice. Maybe try and smoothen out some of those transitions. ****Boulderdash. This ride is just not running that well lately. The trains are falling apart and it seems to get rougher each season. A full re-track and new trains would be awesome and probably put it back in first place. Kumba. Absolutely amazing ride but new trains and a repaint would be great to see. Superman SFNE. I'm honestly not too impressed with the improvements. They really just covered up everything with red and blue. The trains are still the same, beaten up Bizarro trains and the ride itself was running kinda sluggish when we rode. A new queue line would be awesome too because the present one is disgusting. *****The majority of the coasters at Six Flags Great Adventure. -Kingda ka just needs a full out makeover, new paint, new trains, new loading system. - El Toro is in need of some retracking - Bizarro, Batman and Superman are screaming "paint me!! paint me!!" But the worst of them all is by far Nitro. Somebody please do something, it looks like garbage and rides quite similarly.
  14. Am I the only one thinking that the Dorney slice was bigger than expected? As for King's Island, putting an entrance to a giga coaster that close to Diamondback just seems kinda strange. I think a GCI coaster like Goldstriker would be a better move for next season.
  15. There's no way the drop tower is on its way out, I really don't believe this will be a giga.
  16. Its really not though.... I made a trip down there last year for a SFA, KD, Busch trip and I was very impressed with SFA. -The roller coaster selection is pretty good. -Superman, Batwing, Wild one and Joker's Jinx were awesome -Rajun Cajun and mind eraser were just okay - The only terrible one being Apocalypse Roar wasn't even open and with the responses I have been hearing about it this year, I missed out. The park appearance was very nice, main street, western area and New Orleans being very clean, updated a nice for a six flags park. Gotham could use some work but even that wasn't bad. The employees were the best Six Flags employees that I've ever seen. They were all friendly, funny and upbeat. I had been hearing that they've been improving but wasn't expecting them to be as good as they actually were. They also have a very nice selection of flats for a park their size and an AWESOME water park. Don't be scared away by him, Six Flags America is nowhere near terrible. I would recommend a stop if you were in the area or on the way to KD and Busch.
  17. Wow! Looks much better than Canada's Wonderlands. This is a power move for KD
  18. Lol "America's Water-Coast" with a big water coaster flying right above.
  19. Can we take a minute and talk about how amazing Kraken is! I was blown away by this ride when I went last year and thought it was one of the best B&M coasters I've ever been on.
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